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Pleasanton Real Estate Market Update - April 2023

March data shows a Spring Surge is Here

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Pleasanton Market Update - February 2023

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We should be considering that our backyard is host to one of the top county fairs in the country.

5 of the Best Tri-Valley Golf Courses

Discover the best golf courses that make the Tri-Valley area one of the most desirable locations to purchase luxury real estate.

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Pleasanton Real Estate Market Update – November 2022

Hibernation Mode

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Pleasanton real estate market continues to show constrained inventory and slower sales

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Pleasanton CA real estate market update for September - market remains sluggish

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Slower sales activity and longer days of market rule the day

Pleasanton Real Estate Market Update - July 2022

The Pleasanton market continues to see softer conditions

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The market shift is here

Inside Real Estate – Episode 11 – The A-B-C Market – February 2019

Some houses will always sell, and others will always struggle. It really depends on the market conditions.

Inside Real Estate – Episode 10 – Talk to the Neighbors – January 2019

You will hear the history of it, who lived there, what they did.

Inside Real Estate – Episode 9 – The Walk Through – January 2019

The walk through is a contractual right for the buyer to visit the property prior to close

Market Minute | Alamo, CA December 2018

It is up from last year at this time, but it is down a little bit from October.

Inside Real Estate – Episode 5 – Losers in a Softening Market

Welcome to the latest episode of Inside Real Estate. Today our topic is Losers in a Softening Market.

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