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Relocation to a new city can be a very stressful endeavor. Even with the help of a relocation company, there are dozens of details to manage, and the task of finding the right neighborhood or city can be overwhelming. It is vital that you have an experienced agent on your side whether you are buying or selling.


Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, & Tri-Valley Relocation Specialist

Doug has extensive relocation experience with all major companies and understands the complexities and demands that a relocation move entails. With Doug’s help, you can have a seasoned advocate on your side. Someone who can focus on your needs, give you guidance on your housing options, determine the best strategy for accomplishing your goals, and interact on a professional basis with your employer or relocation company to handle the myriad of details involved. Doug and his team will act as your point person to assist in all aspects of your relocation, and to make your move easier and less stressful. We have worked with dozens of relocation companies, and know the process and the procedures that make relocation a challenging event.



Relocation Selling Process

As a seller, we are well versed in the forms and procedures required to sell your home through a relocation company. We will give you straightforward advice on pricing, time frames, and what you can expect. We can also help guide you in your interactions with the relocation company so you maximize your position during this critical transaction.


Doug Buenz – Relocation Experience You Can Count On

When you use Doug and his team for your relocation you will have the experience, track record, and resources at your service to assist you in every aspect of your move.

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