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Our tailored and targeted marketing approach is designed to maximize exposure on all fronts, from our highly optimized website that puts us on the front page of search results to our close ties with the local brokerage and REALTOR® communities, which allow us to procure sales through word-of-mouth.


Our Job Is to Share It to the World in a Compelling Manner

We are creative marketers and storytellers. We focus on the story of your home… what makes it unique, what it’s like to live there, what feeling the buyer gets when touring your home, the memories that potential buyers can create. Features and facts certainly have their place, but it is the power of storytelling that appeals to buyers’ emotions, piques their interest, and stimulates demand.


Artistry in Marketing

Beautiful homes deserve beautiful marketing.

Our media team creates beautiful marketing to tell the unique story of your home, with vibrant architectural-grade photography, high definition video, and rich compelling text, all designed to capture the imagination of buyers and entice them to view your home.

The success of great marketing is product differentiation – making your home stand out among the many competing properties in the marketplace. Our comprehensive marketing campaigns are designed to drive buyer traffic to your property via targeted coverage in a variety of local and international media outlets. Our media team constantly pushes the envelope with new ideas and innovations. Greater exposure means shorter marketing times and higher selling prices.


Local Expertise

It’s about community.

We know the local market. We know your neighborhood. We know the pulse of the market. We are local. But local also means people you can count on and relationships you can trust. Local means we share the common goal of building our community and appreciating the hard work that goes into supporting it. In real estate, local means that every resource we develop, every marketing dollar we spend, and every decision we make is driven by the desire to create value for clients in Pleasanton, Tri-Valley, and East Bay.


We Don’t Just Put a "for Sale" Sign in Front of Your Home

We put your home in front of the world.

Our robust online marketing platform gives you unparalleled access to regional, national, and international buyers. It’s an interconnected world, and with our comprehensive online reach, we can reach buyers from around the corner and the globe.


Leveraging Robust Digital and Social Channels

While we certainly utilize outbound marketing to the masses, we specialize in inbound marketing, making sure our listings are found by qualified buyers specifically looking for similar properties. Our integrated and innovative digital tactics, combined with our cutting-edge social media strategy, keep us constantly ahead of the technology curve. Buyers find our website first, spend more time on the site and return more often, which means your home is front and center of buyers looking for local content and listings. Simply put, we expose your home in unique ways to a broader audience than traditional marketing will reach.


Old School Strategies That Still Work

While we are experts at online marketing, we also employ time-tested traditional marketing strategies to promote your home, including extensive targeted direct mail, local print advertising, open house events, door knocking, and more. These “old school” techniques are still an effective and important part of our marketing efforts.


Our Network Is a Force Multiplier

In the energetic Pleasanton, East Bay, and Tri-Valley real estate markets, the lifeblood of great agents is their network of real estate professionals, buyers, sellers, and movers & shakers. This invaluable currency forms the basis of the 680 Homes Group culture, where we work tirelessly to leverage our high-value networks to provide access to opportunities for those who are in the loop and on the list. Our focus on building strong relationships gives your home an advantage in the marketplace.



The Regional, National, and International Leader.

Compass has emerged as the most trusted brand for national and international Luxury Home Marketing. Our powerful global reach gives your home exposure to home buyers around the corner in Pleasanton, Tri-Valley, East Bay, and around the world. No other brand can match our comprehensive reach and powerful brand recognition worldwide.

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