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7 Ways to Impress Home Buyers with Your Staging

7 Ways to Impress Home Buyers with Your Staging

Selling your home is an exciting process. You’re moving your story, changing your setting, or saying goodbye to an old chapter. There’s so much to part with and much more to gain. To get the most out of selling your property, you want to impress your buyer as much as possible. The better they think your place is, the more money they’ll want to spend on it.

Follow these seven tips to dazzle and delight your target audience from the front door to the backyard. Hone in on the people who want your home most, and sell directly to them. Turn your home into a set and design the stage in a style where the future homeowner feels comfortable. Sell your home faster and for more money by wowing buyers and staging your home right.

Staging matters

If it’s your first sale, you may wonder why staging your home is essential. After all, if you already have furniture and love the decor, it can seem silly to change everything before you get rid of the property.

The reality is, staging your home the right way makes a significant impact on your sale. You can move on from your old house quicker and get more money from the sale. It’s all a matter of staging the home the right way. Luxury buyers expect and respond to a staged living room put together by an expert home stager.

According to the National Association of Realtors, staging a home reduces sale time by three to 30 times. Imagine selling your house in a fraction of the time. On the flip side, consider how the house looks to buyers if your home sits too long on the market. Time is money, and staging a home usually increases its sales price. Don’t leave that money on the table.

Speak to your audience

Knowing your audience shapes the market for your home as much as anything. By honing in on the clientele best aligned with your property, you weed out buyers who aren’t the right fit. Someone who wants to change everything about your home will offer much less than someone who loves its architecture and design features.

Finding the right realtor is crucial to this process. The Doug Buenz Group leverages vast resources and top-of-the-line technology. They provide in-depth market research on your home, identify comparable properties on the market, and find types of buyers attracted to such homes. You can count on the Doug Buenz Group to stage your home and match it to the most relevant clientele.

Make it an experience

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Make your home stand out in buyers’ minds by making home showings an unforgettable experience. Put the finishing details in each space. As prospects walk the grounds of your home, you want to make a cohesive impression. Let them see the home’s remarkable potential.

Stage your furniture and every other detail, from the rugs on the floors to the art on the walls. The kitchen, dining room, study, living room, main bedrooms, study, theaters, and everywhere should shine. Make these spaces inviting and dynamic while considering the style of your target audience. Give it the wow factor buyers can’t resist.

Maintain neutrality

Here’s where things may start sounding contradictory. While you want to speak to your audience and give your decor that dazzling touch, the home must maintain neutrality. Yes, you want to exude luxury and elevate the living experience inside the house, but you need to leave room for the new buyer’s life. They need to see their story unfold on these pages. Remember, while an audience may share much in common, they are not homogeneous. They live different lives and have different individual styles. So leave space for the new buyer to color in.

Watch your art

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Art elevates a space. It brings a room together. Art also often reflects particular tastes. Consider the style of the home and match the art to it. Traditional homes go with classic art, while bohemian homes pair well with surreal art. Use modern artwork for high-tech or modern-style homes.

There’s no need to invest in an art collection for a property you plan to leave behind soon. Instead, consider leasing from local artists. You can make the property a gallery of sorts. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. It’s a win-win for everyone — you pay less for the art, the artists gain exposure, and the buyer may save time developing their collection.

Purify the air

Your home likely smells familiar and cozy to you. Scents, however, are a sensitive subject for many. While some suburban homes may lend themselves to the scent of freshly baked cookies, luxury real estate is another echelon. Buyers prefer a clean and fresh smell. Think linen out of the dryer over candles and baked goods. Create the experience of a simple and refreshing home, and don’t risk putting people off with divisive fragrances.

Update furniture

When it comes time to stage the furniture, you may realize it needs an update — even the most luxurious items date over time. Don’t let a house feel old and forgotten with old furniture. Your realtor will work with you to determine your needs for stage furniture, kitchen staging, and bedroom staging ideas.

One route is to elevate the space with modern high-end furniture. Create the level of living the type of buyer you’re seeking expects. Don’t make them have to imagine luxury; show them from the moment they walk in that this house has everything they need or want (and some things they never even thought to seek).

Everything about selling a home is easier with a quality real estate agent. The Doug Buenz Group provides specialized services catered to their clients. From East Bay houses to Pleasonton real estate and beyond, we make sure you get the best deal. Contact us today sell your house confidently and efficiently using our wealth of resources and knowledge.

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