What Are Homebuyers Really Looking For?

What Are Homebuyers Really Looking For?

Are you getting ready to sell your home in the next year? Taking strategic steps to prepare your home will yield the best results. By planning ahead, you can fix minor issues like a broken kitchen cabinet or a plumbing problem. Although there are a couple of things that are obvious fixes, pleasing the buyer can be a challenge. With an ever-changing real estate landscape, today’s home buyers can be picky.  

If you are hoping to make some profitable changes to your property before you sell, be sure to follow these expert tips.

Open floor plan

The open floor plan varies from the traditional, by eliminating walls and barriers so the home has a more open feel to it. Traditional floor plans have well-defined rooms that tend to be separated by walls and doors. You can distinctly tell what each room is made to look like in comparison to having more flexibility with an open floor plan. These days, buyers are looking for an open concept for their homes. It is easy to see why most homebuyers prefer this type of home because it truly makes the space feel bigger and more spacious. Additionally, it is easier for the resident to entertain, as a large California door can allow the owner to open it easily and merge the inside with the outside. Not only that but if you are preparing dinner in the kitchen you can still chat with guests in the living room. The open floor plan is trending right now and may continue for years to come. 

Technology in the home

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With millennials entering the housing market, the idea of a home being more ‘tech savvy’ is certainly in. The concept of a smart home is becoming more and more popular. A smart home essentially lets homeowners control appliances, thermostats, and other devices through a simple wifi connection. Owners who have this can also create a schedule for certain appliances and make certain adjustments. Other important smart home features can include safety and security alerts. For instance, when there is unknown movement in your home when you are away, the system should be able to detect this. Although installing a smart system can cost thousands of dollars, it can add to the value of your home by a lot. If you already have some sort of smart system set up, understand that it will add to your selling price and help attract many new buyers that are searching today.

Updated kitchen and baths

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If you are selling soon, it is highly recommended to upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms. Kitchen remodels  ( insert link) have been associated with the highest return on investment. If you have been wondering whether you should focus on upgrading your kitchen, living room, or bedrooms the answer is always the kitchen! The second best option is to improve the bathroom. Remember to be smart about the kind of remodeling you do. By upgrading your kitchen or bathroom you don’t need to completely demolish everything and spend thousands of dollars on the project. The key is to upgrade your spaces so that is is better than it was before or stand out from homes in the market around you. 

Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient home may not be something that immediately catches someone's eye like a newly upgraded kitchen, but it sure can be a strong selling point. Today’s home buyers are interested in all the ways they can save money over time. Spending less on their energy bill is a big factor new buyers will consider. Insulation is a huge way to save energy because it can save the residents money on heating and cooling costs. Additionally, low-flush toilets, double-paned windows, and anything else that has a low carbon footprint will be beneficial to the energy bill. Sellers should consider adding any energy-efficient upgrades to their home if they want to attract current buyers. 

Outdoor space

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Especially in states like California, buyers are searching for outdoor space. This does not necessarily have to be a huge backyard, it can be something as simple as a patio or a deck. Any sort of outdoor area that is available for private use within the home will certainly add value to the sale. With so many of us working in offices or at home, it is no wonder that outdoor space is becoming so important. The ability to reconnect with nature and relax in a different location can help many people recharge their energy. This is typically true for first-time home buyers because they may have been used to living in tight quarters such as an apartment or small condo. They truly envision themselves having a drink outside with friends if they are going to make the leap on a new home purchase. Ensuring you have outdoor space that is well-kept and looks presentable will win you the buyer more often than not. 

Garage storage

Again, most buyers are looking to upgrade their current space, and having a roomy garage can be a huge selling point. Not only does this mean they want somewhere to keep their car(s) but also additional space where they have the opportunity to store various things. Maybe, the buyer has the dream of turning the garage into a home gym or accessible garage storage. Some buyers will write off a home because a garage is on their house features wishlist. 

Ready to start the selling process?

If you have made all the changes mentioned above or have gotten as close as you can to transforming your home into its very best then you will need to contact an agent. Doug Buenz is your go-to guy for selling your home. He loves helping people through this new transition. Moving can be intimidating and landing the right buyer can be difficult, but Doug helps reassure you that these are just ‘seller fears’ and that the process can actually be very smooth. Contact his team today when you are ready!

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