When is the Best Time to Sell a Home?

When is the Best Time to Sell a Home?

Take buyer behavior and viewpoints into account when planning each marketing phase. The most important aspect of a home listing is not letting it get stale. The longer your listing stays up on the Tri-Valley real estate market, the lower your chance of a substantial profit. Follow these expert tips from Doug Buenz to reach success in your selling endeavors.

The selling season starts when the freeze ends

According to the National Association of Realtors, the time of year that sees the most buyer activity on the real estate market is from May through August. In fact, sales during this time make up 40% of the total sales over the year. This typically means that spring is the best time to list a house for sale, as you’ll have an incoming flurry of interested parties in late spring and summer. Plus, your home will appear more luxurious when temperatures begin to rise. Lush front lawns, vivid flowers, and lively shrubbery create curb appeal. Buyers will want to be active outdoors and burn off energy. Pent-up demand will also make an influx of offers, as people are eager to select a house and be moved in by fall.

Location, climate, and buyer intent determine when it's best to list your home. Summer and fall are dynamic but come with risks. Buyers who haven’t settled on a house by July are rushing to close by September, especially if they have school-aged children. Calls might come in late fall for those eager to give the New Year a fresh start. The climate of a location impacts the market as well. Nobody’s touring in harsh weather, but they might be interested in talking about a tropical vacation home while icicles hang at their windows.

Evaluate current market trends

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The housing market is volatile, so stay aware of how it’s trending. Home sales can fluctuate in favor of buyers or sellers. If you share your listing within a seller’s market, you might encounter a different dilemma: scores of offers. Though tempting, it’s vital not to jump at the highest bid. Rather, mull over other aspects of the proposal: payment method, contingencies, and proper comparisons. Cash payments are best, as they would circumvent the hassles of financing. Contingency negotiations are another factor. To make a well-informed decision, sellers should consult with their expert real estate agent to determine which offers best fit their interests and goals.

Create urgency with a late-week listing

The best day to list a home is determined by the power of impulse buying. Weekends are prime for open houses and viewings, so Thursday listings are an automatic call to action. Buyers will be eager to see a fresh house on the market as part of their weekend outings. While visiting a lavish mansion crowded with competition, walk-ins will feel pressured to submit an offer. Some may come during the event, while another flood may arrive on Monday. Take advantage of buyer behavior with a perfectly-timed listing.

Schedule open houses that generate traffic

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It’s clear that home tours should be held on weekends, as most people are occupied during the work week. The event window should also be decisively scheduled. A brief affair is best, as a crowd will form quickly. Having guests from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. is ideal, as interested people will stream in after their errands or familial responsibilities.

Use the force of social media to your advantage. Broadcast a Facebook Livestream when the home is packed with visitors, and then post it to your page to broaden your scope. To contact buyers post-viewing, virtually stage various rooms and email the images to the visitors. Film a house walkthrough and then post it as an Instagram story. Be creative with the tools available through the internet.

Turn etiquette into passive marketing

Subtly announce your open house with a concept called “courtesy marketing.” Knock on a handful of doors to share that there might be a crowd and increased traffic in the streets during the open house. Inviting them would be a selling tactic, so it’s unnecessary. A polite gesture will provide free advertising. If these interactions generate interest, you could entice those next door with a “neighbors-only” open house. Serve some food or wine at the exclusive gathering, and the locals might spread the word.

Go the extra mile to charm attendees

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Capitalize on the beautiful weather with a community tour. Those unfamiliar with the area would be impressed if you showed them around. Beyond that, the way to a customer’s heart is through their stomach. Stop at a local cafe and treat them to a meal. Grabbing a bite together is the perfect opportunity to chat, get to know each other, and try to become familiar with their home-buying goals. Read the room and wow your customers.

Realtors are always ready to sell homes

Your best source for making selling decisions is your expert real estate team. They will be committed to partnering with you for a successful and effective marketing experience. Although your timing might make or break your home sale, brokers don’t get an “off” season. Your skilled agent is well-versed in the marketing strategies that will increase buyer interest, and they are prepared to modify their strategy as any challenges come up. Realtors field phone calls, texts, and emails at all hours of the day.

Ready to get started?

The 680 Doug Buenz Group will strategize your selling process to maximize your profit. Realtor Doug Buenz has 24 years of experience buying and selling amazing homes in Tri-Vally real estate. From townhomes in East Bay to Pleasanton luxury homes, Doug and his team know how to strategize your home sale to reach the most buyers and get the highest offers. Reach out today!

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