Inside Real Estate – Episode 22 – Compass Concierge Services – January 2020

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Inside Real Estate – Episode 22 – Compass Concierge Services – January 2020
Our latest Inside Real Estate topic is the Compass Concierge Service.

What is the Compass Concierge Service?

This service is a fantastic tool for any one thinking of selling their home. Compass will lend you, the seller, money for repairs and improvements, and not charge any interest, collecting payment for those services at close of escrow. In essence, Compass will be fronting you money so that you can improve your property and get a higher sales price, and it costs you nothing in terms of interest or carrying costs.

So What Can We Use the Compass Concierge Money for?

It pays for anything that improves your property.
Examples of what the Compass Concierge Service covers include staging, painting, cleaning, landscaping, upgrades, improvements, remodeling, new carpeting, new flooring, hardwood floors, new appliances, kitchen counters, kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, new showers. It is s a fantastic tool and opportunity for sellers.
I hear often, “Gosh, I want to get into flipping houses.” Why not flip your own house? Use the Compass Concierge program, do some improvements to your property, get a higher sales price, make some money on those improvements, and everybody wins.

What Does It Not Pay for?

Compass Concierge does not pay for mortgage payments, or HOA dues, or property taxes, or any recurring expenses. It is only to be used for improvements that enhance the value of your property.

How Hard Is It to Get?

It is super easy. All you need to do is let me, your Compass agent, know. We will outline what improvements you intend. I submit it to the company and we get an approval within two to three days. It really is an awesome program. And again, what does it cost you, the seller? Zero, no interest charges whatsoever. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to enhance the value of your property and get the highest possible price.
If this is something that appeals to you, please do give me a call. I would be happy to go through the program with you.
If you know anyone who could benefit from this information, please do share. We would love to hear your questions and comments. And if we can help you or anyone you know with your real estate needs give us a call at 925-785-777 or see us at

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