Inside Real Estate – Episode 18 – Pre-Sale Inspections – July 2019

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Inside Real Estate: Pre-Sale Inspections. Should a seller get pre-sale inspections? Basically, we always recommend it, and there are several reasons why.
Number one, you identify any potential issues with your property before you go on the market. Gives you more certainty. It also gives you a chance to correct some of those issues before you go on the market and makes your property cleaner and more desirable to potential buyers. It gives you time to dispute any of the findings. Occasionally, property inspectors are human, and they make mistakes. It gives you a chance to dispute and possibly correct those items on the home inspection report.
It gives you peace of mind. You know all the issues, and all the issues are out on the table. It makes the process a little easier for you, a little more certain.
It makes the property more attractive to potential homebuyers. Buyers love when there are inspections on the property, that they can review before they make an offer. It gives the buyer a higher level of comfort, and therefore makes your home more desirable. It helps eliminate the second negotiation. If you do not get your inspections done prior to going into the contract, that gives the buyer the opportunity to order and pay for their own inspections. The only problem with that is if they find issues at the property, they are going to come back to you and want to renegotiate the price or negotiate some kind of repair request or credit to take care of those issues. And that is never a very pleasant experience. If you get your inspections done up front as a seller, you really largely eliminate the second negotiation.
You also get a better chance of getting an “as is” offer. Since the buyer knows what they are buying and has a clear understanding of the property, they are more likely to write an offer “as is” without any repairs requested on the part of the seller.
Cost for inspection, pre-sale inspections, range anywhere from $800 to as much as $1,500. It really depends on the size of your home. The typical inspections we recommend are a home inspection, a termite or pest inspection, and a roof inspection. If you have a pool, you should probably do a pool inspection as well.
It does cost you money up front as the seller, but you get a lot of benefit in return. We definitely always recommend it.
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