Homes for Sale and Real Estate Market Update Video for Ruby Hill Pleasanton CA February 2018

Ruby Hill

Hi everybody, it’s Doug Buenz with the 680 Group, in Pleasanton, California.
Today we are going to do a quick Pleasanton CA homes for sale and real estate market update for Ruby Hill.

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Ruby Hill, as you know, is the premium gated community here in the Pleasanton area. It’s located in east Pleasanton and surrounded by vineyards, a beautiful setting, Jack Nicklaus golf course, and some gorgeous custom homes. Last year, 2017, sales activity was down slightly. We had 49 closed sales, compared to 56 the year before. It’s down about 13%.
The average price per square foot however was up slightly. In Ruby Hill, in 2017, the average price per square foot was $481 a square foot. It’s up from $471 in 2016.
Days on market were also up a little bit. 74 days on market, on average for closed sales in Ruby Hill.
If you look at the price range out there, there’s definitely a difference in activity relative to the price range.
Last year, of the 49 sales, 12 of them were under the $2 million mark and they sold for an average of $532 a square foot, and 58 days on the market.
When you look at homes last year that sold over $2 million, there were 37 of those because there are quite a few more but they sold for an average of $471 a square foot, and the average days on market there was 79.
You can see, it’s a little longer to sell, a little lower price per square foot, which is normal for bigger houses.
What’s going on this year?
So far, this year, there are six listings currently available in Ruby Hill.
One of them, the least expensive one is $2,399,000.
The other five are over $3 million dollars with one over $4 million.
Most of the inventory in the market right now in Ruby Hill is $2.4 million or higher. So definitely, these are very nice homes to choose from, but not much on the low end.
Right now, there are two pending sales. One at a $1,715,000. One at $2,149,000. Both are semi-custom homes. They’re not large custom homes.
Not surprisingly, the days on market for the least expensive one at $1,715,000 was only six.
So, two pending sales so far this year and six listings.
And so far, not been a ton of activity in Ruby Hill, but we are definitely going to see some great homes come on the market.

That’s your Ruby Hill market update for Pleasanton CA.
As always if I can help you please give me a call, Doug Buenz and the 680 Group, 925-621-0680 or
Thanks for watching.

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