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We are committed to finding ways to connect with every family at our school.

Welcome to Junction Middle School

Welcome to Junction Avenue K-8 School. The school is the center of the Junction Avenue community. We welcome the community and share the varied cultures through after-school activities, classes, music, food and special events. Teachers, students and families are working very hard to make our school the best school it can be, and we are dedicated and committed to meeting the academic and social needs of our students. At Junction Avenue K-8 School, we believe every child deserves an education that is engaging and relevant to their lives, and we strive to provide it. Our school also offers a Spanish-English Dual Immersion Bilingual program in grades K-8. This unique pro- gram offers the opportunity to learn all of the grade-level standards in both Spanish and English. The goal for students in the Dual Immersion Program is to become bilingual and biliterate by the eighth grade. Junction Avenue hosts the annual LVJUSD Science Odyssey. Located on a 27-acre campus in one of Livermore’s older, more established neighborhoods, Junction Avenue K-8 School is composed of more than 890 students of diverse, multicultural backgrounds. As a Title I school, the staff is committed to providing a wide range of educational opportunities to assist students in finding success in learning. With math-assistance classes and study hall for students who need a quiet place to do their homework with adult help, we strive to meet the needs of all of our students. We also provide a strong, academically challenging program for students in English language arts, social studies, science, mathematics and physical education. The staff of Junction Avenue offers electives for students at sixth, seventh and eighth grades. We also offer a wide array of after-school enrichment clubs open to all grade levels in order to engage students in school programs including, ballet folklórico and team sports. We are committed to finding ways to connect with every family at our school, and these clubs offer one such connection.

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