Why Open Houses are Important in Pleasanton CA

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Hi, I’m Doug Buenz. Welcome to the 680 Homes Video Channel. Today we’re going to talk about why you should do an open house.

Open houses are hit and miss propositions with a lot of my clients and sellers. However, here are the reasons that you should consider it.

Number one – and this might be the most important one. It creates the impression of activity for potential buyers. It creates with that particular buyer a sense that this is a hot property and that it may not last long. It creates emergency and the perception that this is a very desirable property. That’s definitely a benefit.

The second benefit is it creates some buzz among your neighbors and friends. It’s positive in the sense that your neighbors and your friends are often your biggest advocates for your house. If they come in and see your house and really like it, guess what they’ll be talking about in the soccer game, or at work, or at their church meetings? It’s important to create buzz for your property and that’s one of the best ways to do it.

The third reason you should consider having an open house is that it’s convenient. If buyers and agents want to see your house, it gives them a set time that they can come over and see it without having to call and make appointments, etc. On the convenience scale, it’s very favorable to have open houses available for buyers and agents to view the property.

It’s kind of fun to have people look through your house and complement it. Some people put a lot of pride, energy, and effort into making their house the best it can be. It’s always nice to know people think your house is nice. They want to come through and complement your house and tell you how great it is. There’s some payoff there. That’s probably not the major factor but those are the reasons you should consider as a seller doing open houses.

This is Doug Buenz with 680 Homes Video Channel.