Top 5 Ways to Go Green with your New Home

Top 5 Ways to Go Green with your New Home

There is absolutely no better time to make a positive impact on the environment and in a large way that when you are building a new home. With so many competitive products designed around making your home as energy efficient as possible a little research can save you a good deal of money, time and the planet. Everybody wins!

Here are some ideas to consider:

Get a “Cool” Roof

The material used on your roof can make a dramatic difference in your home’s energy efficiency.  You may want to consider a product that reflects the sun’s energy away from the roof, cools faster at night and holds less heat for less time in order to help reduce energy costs and usage related to heat. Slate, terra cotta, white tiles, special membranes, and metal roofing are a few of the roofing products available with varying degrees of green benefits

Old Paper Walls

Not really “paper walls”, but use recycled material to insulate your walls. Total-fill insulation made from recycled materials pays off in the short term and the long run and because you’re using recyclables, your initial material cost is often lower than it would be for other materials. You’re also saving money over time by using insulating products that perform as well or better than first-use insulation.

Water, Water Everywhere..Sometimes

We have been slapped on the wrist recently with a drought and the restrictions that come with it. Plan ahead for water consumption the first time. Consider fixtures and appliances that conserve water such as low flow faucet aerators, tankless water heaters and Energy Star rated washers. The list of water conscience products is growing and a little research can save you a lot of money and headache later!

Take Heating and Cooling to the Next Level

High-tech thermostats are not just for the extremely wealthy anymore. They can be programmed to adjust heating and cooling activities that take into account time of day, times when no one is home, vacations and more. There are even options that can be monitored and controlled from your phone. This type of thermostat reduces your heating and cooling bills and saves the environment by reducing energy production.

Light Up Your Life

Choosing the right lighting for your home throughout is one of the best ways to “go green” long term. Both LED and CFL cost more upfront but use less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Just think of the time and money you will save not having to change your bulbs as often.

Going green used to mean taking a financial hit but the times have changed. More often than not you are now rewarded for making an effort to minimize your carbon-footprint with special financing and tax breaks. As long as you are starting from scratch, you might as well start on the right foot.