The Importance of Quality Photos in Marketing Pleasanton CA Real Estate

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Hi, I’m Doug Buenz and this is the 680 Homes Video Channel. Today we’re going to talk about photography in real estate and why it’s important.

Everybody knows buyers start their home search – 90% of them anyway – on the internet. Your photographs are probably the single most important element to buyers’ decision as to whether they want to see your home or not.

The quality of the pictures has a huge impact on whether you can convert an online visitor into an actual showing of your property. As we know, the more people look at your home in person the higher the chances you’re going to sell your home quickly for top dollar.

I personally hire architectural grade photographers to shoot my houses. One of the big reasons is their equipment. They bring in ancillary lighting. We do night shots. We do things that actually make the house look better than arguably it is, in some cases. So, photography is super important.

The other thing is photography speaks to the quality of the marketing of your home and therefore it extends to the quality of your home. Quality is everything when it comes to marketing and photographs are a huge component of that.

Those are some of the factors that make photography so important to you. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. In real estate, pictures can be worth thousands of dollars. So, let’s make sure you have high-quality photographs that present your property in the best possible light so that you can get on with selling your home.

This is Doug Buenz with 680 Homes Video Channel.