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Pleasanton CA Home

SOLD! 4248 Bevilacqua Ct, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Pleasanton CA Home

SOLD! 4248 Bevilacqua Ct, Pleasanton, CA 94566
Market Stats
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Single Family Home
Main Features
4 Bedrooms
3 Full Bathrooms
Interior: 2,379 sqft
Lot: 6528.00 acre(s)
Year Built: 1968
4248 Bevilacqua Ct
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Doug Buenz

Doug Buenz

Selling your Pleasanton CA home doesn’t have to be complicated. Let me lead you to the right people! I know serious buyers of homes for sale in Pleasanton CA.

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Listed by: Doug Buenz

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Pleasanton Real Estate Properties for Sale

What Features Will Help Sell Your Pleasanton CA Home Fast

Do you want to make your home listing stand out to buyers?

Home buyers consider hundreds of factors before making the decision to buy. These typically include the location of the house, the interior features, the size of the lot, the school district, and the nearby amenities.


This is perfectly understandable since buying a home is much more than just making a purchase, it’s a major investment. Buyers in the market for Pleasanton CA real estate are just trying to get the most bang for their buck.  


Every home buyer has a unique set of wants for a house. However, they know that they will never find a home that ticks off everything in their wish-list, so they’re willing to settle for a house that grants most of their wishes.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, you need to be aware of what homebuyers are looking for. There are some home features common to many buyers’ checklists. Here is a list that will show you what home buyers want when shopping around for prospective property.


#1 Hardwood Floors

According to the National Association of Home Builders, today’s homebuyers are looking for hardwood floors. Hardwood is one of the oldest flooring materials there is, and it never goes out of style.


Hardwood flooring can make any home look elegant. Plus, it’s easier to maintain and is more durable than carpet, which needs to be replaced every eight to 10 years.


They are also much more resistant to spills and stains. Hardwood can be refinished periodically and last a lifetime.


Moreover, hardwood doesn’t hide harmful particulate matter, making for a healthier, safer living environment, especially for those who suffer from allergies.


Hardwood floors are worth every penny you invest in them. In fact, many homeowners attest that the money they spend fixing their floors before selling the home usually give 100% return on investment.


#2 Laundry Room

Do you know which feature topped the National Association of Home Builder’s list of most wanted home features for buyers of all ages? Buyers from across all ages- from millennials to seniors- prefer a home with a separate laundry room.


The average American spends more than eight hours a week doing laundry. It makes sense to have one room dedicated to the job.


Today’s home buyers are looking for a light and airy laundry room with plenty of storage, counter space for folding clothes,  and perhaps a utility sink. Having a laundry room is a huge benefit as it helps keep the mess out of the rest of the home.


#3 Plenty of Storage

Little or no storage space? Then the value of your home for sale in Pleasanton could be affected.

A family can amass many personal possessions over the year, and it can be easy for those items to create clutter in a home. Home buyers prefer a home that has ample storage to keep the open spaces clutter-free. A smart storage solution is the key to having a neat and beautiful home.


Built-in storage – including linen closets, wardrobes, and even walk-in kitchen pantries – are now a must to attract home buyers. Custom closet systems and well-designed walk-ins are considered major selling points.

I can’t stress enough how important storage space is. Homeowners who make improvements to create storage space are often rewarded with higher house values.


Pleasanton CA Homes


#4 Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is as important as interior lighting. According to NAHB, it is one of the most wanted outdoor features in a home.

Lighting up a well-maintained lawn can help grab buyers’ attention before they even set foot in the front door. A well-lit home showcases its aesthetic and creates a warm, welcoming, and safe atmosphere.

Outdoor lighting can have a big impact on the overall look of your garden and patio, making it important to pay attention to where you set the lights, and to what kind of lighting you use to light up the yard.


Aesthetics aside, exterior lighting can serve as an added safety feature for the home. For example, motion-sensor lights turn on automatically whenever there is movement outside the house.


#5 Outdoor Living Spaces

A beautifully designed outdoor living space can set your house apart from other homes for sale in Pleasanton. It also increases the functional square footage of your home.


Outdoor living spaces have also become incredibly appealing to home buyers who are in the market for a new home. A National Association of Realtors survey shows more than half of surveyed buyers would pay a premium for a home with an with a well-done outdoor living area. These outdoor spaces can include anything from landscaped decks and patios, to covered outdoor living rooms, kitchens, or bars.

Today’s homebuyers are looking for ways to incorporate the outdoors into their daily lives. French doors leading to a large patio encourage flow and create a feeling of harmony between the interior and exterior of a home.


#6  Energy Efficiency

With home utility bills consuming an ever-greater share of the family budget, it isn’t surprising then that more home buyers are placing energy efficiency at the top of their wish list.


Energy costs can make up a significant portion of the recurring monthly expenses. With energy efficient appliances and home upgrades, homeowners can save anywhere from 5%  to 30% on utility bills.


Energy efficient homes are also instrumental in saving the environment. Homes that consume less energy produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions, thus protecting the environment from climate change.


In the real estate market, an energy efficient home usually sells for a higher price when compared with other homes. Investing a little money to increase your home’s energy efficiency also increases your home’s final selling price.


If your budget permits it, you can consider some or all of the above suggestions. However, you don’t have to break the bank in order to get your home ready to sell. My team and I will definitely have some suggestions on how to make your home more appealing to buyers.


If you’re looking for a REALTOR® who is knowledgeable about these features and understands the inner workings of the benefits of these features, call me, Doug Buenz, at (925) 621-0680 today.

In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view ?What Features Will Help Sell Your Pleasanton CA Home Fast on my YouTube channel:

Q & A: Seller took another offer, even though ours was higher?

Q:  We recently submitted an offer on a home in Pleasanton.  We were one of 8 offers.  Our agent told us the seller accepted another offer, but was vague as to the reasons why.  We assumed it must have been a higher offer.  Well, we just found out that the sale closed at a lower price than what we offered.  Obviously we are not happy!  We feel it is unfair, and there must have been some kind of shady dealing going on.  What can we do?  We are heartbroken.  Abu

A:  Abu I appreciate the question.  The fact of the matter is that a seller can accept any offer, regardless of price or terms.  It is at the seller’s sole discretion.  And with 8 offers, you only have a 12.5% chance of getting your offer accepted just based on the number of offers.  The only exception to this is if you can prove discrimination on the part of the seller because of race, religion, or another protected class.  But absent of discrimination, it is completely up to the seller.  They can accept an offer lower in price than yours, or can accept an offer with loan contingencies over an all cash offer, or with a longer close than you are offering.  It is up to the seller.  There is no law that requires the seller to accept the highest offer.  There is no law that requires the seller to give you a counter offer.

Sometimes sellers will accept a lower price for stronger terms, with short and/or waived contingencies.  Other times they may elect to go with a buyer who offers them a rent back.  Other times they may just one of other buyers better.  I recently had a seller accept an offer from a disabled War Vet over our higher offer.  Again, it is not illegal.  It is at the seller’s discretion.  Another possible explanation is that the offer they accepted may have been equal to or higher than yours, but there was a price renegotiation due to repairs or some other issue.  My best advice is to do what you can to make your offer more attractive to sellers and try again with the next house.  As always, please consult an attorney if you for legal advice.  Happy hunting!

Homes for Sale in Pleasanton CA

Choosing the Right Agent to Sell Your Property

The good vs the great

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when you put your Pleasanton home up for sale is choosing the right agent to help you in the selling process. There are so many listing agents, it can be confusing to know which one to choose.

I understand.

It can be challenging especially for first time sellers to know who to hire. Your home is your biggest investment and you would want to work with someone who is not just good but great.

Some common mistakes to avoid

A common mistake I see among sellers is hiring the first and only listing agent they meet. This is unwise because there are  many good agents but you are looking for the best one. During the process of home buying, you want to have options so that you have a basis of comparison.

Another mistake I see is hiring the agent with the highest listing price. Most likely, that agent increased your home’s value so you will hire him, but it does not mean that he/she can sell your home quickly and at the right market value, which is more important.

The right agent can make all the difference in how quickly and efficiently you can sell your home. He/She can help you decide on the right top dollar price for your home to sell fast in the market.

It takes some legwork but when you found the right agent or REALTOR®, but  finding the right agent is worth it.

How do you choose the right agent to sell your property?

Here’s how you can select the best agent for your Pleasanton home for sale.

  1. Ask for recommendations from coworkers, friends, neighbors, and anyone who has previously sold homes or properties in the Pleasanton area.

This way, you get a first hand accounting of their experience working with various agents.  From the recommendations, you can create a shortlist of at best three names.

2. Fact-check on the internet. Search for the names on your short list and see what the internet has to say about them.

Great agents are visible online, and they often have websites where possible clients can view their work and listings. You can also find feedback and reviews on the internet about the listing agents.

3. Set up an interview with the names on your short list.

A casual interview with a great agent should answer your questions, pacify your concerns, assure you that you are working with a licensed professional, and let you have a general idea of how your home for sale in Pleasanton will be marketed.

Among the questions you should be asking are the following:

  • Do you work full-time or part-time?
  • How long has he/she been in real estate?
  • How long has he/she been selling homes in your area?
  • Has he/she successfully sold homes similar to yours?
  • What is his/her success rate?
  • How will he/she market your home?
  • How much does his/her service cost?

4. Ask for references. This time, you are asking for names of former clients, people he/she has helped sell a home for, or people he/she has worked with. Doing this will help you get a better idea of his/her work ethics.

5. Decide based on  the agent’s performance and your level of comfort to work with him/her. You will work best with an agent you are most comfortable with.

Choosing the right Pleasanton REALTOR® to work with is not a walk in the park, but when you get the right one, like me,  your real estate journey will be great and stress-free. Get to know more about me at

Are you selling your home? Call me, Doug Buenz, at (925) 621-0680. Let me help make your home selling journey a pleasant one.

In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view Choosing the Right Agent to Sell Your Property on my YouTube channel:

Homes in Ruby Hill Pleasanton CA

Ruby Hill Pleasanton Market Update May 2016

Ruby Hill Pleasanton Market Update May 2016

The real estate market in Ruby Hill looks a lot like it did a month ago.  Eleven homes are actively listed for sale, two less than last month.  Nine sales are pending, a few more than a month ago.

The average list price of the homes for sale is $2,549,975 or $473 per square foot.  These homes have been on the market an average of 69 days.   None of them are distressed (short sale or REO).

The nine pending sales have been listed for an average of 64 days at an average price of $2,180,468.  The price per square foot is $468.  One of the pending sales is a short sale.

The following table shows the homes for sale and pending sale.

16_0530 ruby hill act-pend snapshot

22 sales closed in the past six months, compared to 33 in the six months prior to that and 24 in the same per square foot.  These homes sold in an average of 48 days for 97% of their list price, on average.  None of the closed sales were distressed.

The following table shows all closed sales in the past six months.

16_0530 ruby hill closed snapshot

See all homes for sale in Ruby Hill Pleasanton


A private gated community on the eastern flank of Pleasanton, this luxury golf course development features exceptional homes and estates surrounded by the rolling hills and vineyards of the Livermore Valley. There are semi-custom homes and over 500 custom homes within Ruby Hills. Many have golf course views. The homes feature some of the finest builders in Northern California, and boast a wide range of amenities and design elements. From Formal Italian to Country French to Craftsman, you will find every style and concept reflected in exquisite homes and estates.



Homes in Pleasanton

SOLD! 7700 Foothill Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94566

7700 Foothill Rd | Pleasanton | CA | 94566

Offered at $3,600,000

Foothill Road Night PW

California living at its best with this incredible gated estate on a flat 6.15 Acre creek side lot. Featuring sweeping views of the Pleasanton Ridge, this unique custom home features the finest in designer finishes and amenities, with a state of the art custom kitchen, dramatic great room with wood beam ceiling, custom bar, and grand 20 ft limestone fireplace. The downstairs master suite is your personal sanctuary, with a spa-like bath and private patio. The modern floor plan features 3 spacious suites upstairs, along with an elegant office downstairs. The captivating formal living and dining rooms are ideal for formal entertaining.

And the resort-like yard is a showstopper, with dramatic loggia, state of the art kitchen, fireplace, sparkling pool & spa, fire pit, putting green, and more. It is perfect for garden parties and summertime entertaining. With plenty of land for your own private vineyard, guest house, or shop, this spectacular estate offers plenty of options for the discriminating buyer looking for a fabulous custom home with privacy, with abundant flat land to create your own personal enclave. Call Doug Buenz for a private viewing of this home at (925) 621-0680

Homes in Pleasanton

Pleasanton CA Homes for Sale | Pleasanton Market Update April 2016

04_2016 pl at a glance

Pleasanton CA Homes for Sale | Pleasanton Market Update April 2016

Pending sales in Pleasanton were steady from March, after two months of 40% or more increases.  That allowed inventory, which had been struggling to keep up, to surge in April.  Quality inventory (good location, properly priced) continued to see multiple offers and fly out the door.  Price indicators were more or less flat from March but showed strength and continued to be above those of a year ago.  The average sale took only 20 days in April, another indication that the market is hot.  The lower end (homes priced under $1 million) continued to be the hottest segment.

83 homes were actively listed at the end of April, up 43% from 58 at the end of March and one more than a year ago.  Pending sales fell by one unit in April to 70.  90 sales went to contract in April 2015.   Closed sales, following the jump in pending sales the prior two months, increased 13% in April, from 53 in March to 60 in April.  Inventory relative to pending sales increased form 0.8 months at the end of March to 1.2 months at the end of April.

On average, homes sold for 100% of their list price in April, unchanged from March but below April 2015’s102%.  April’s median sales price slipped4% from March’s $1,045,000 to $1,008,000.  That was still 6% higher than a year ago.  The price per square foot increased from $467 in March to $498 in April.  One year ago, homes sold for $461 per square foot.

The average sale in April was on the market for 20 days, compared to 22 days in March and 19 days a year ago.  20 days is generally considered to be a hot market.

The tables below provide further details on the current market compared to prior periods, as well as a look at different market segments.

Sellers:  It is a great time to be selling a home in Pleasanton.  Inventory remains low and there is strong demand from buyers, especially for prime properties in excellent condition that are priced right.  Proper marketing and staging will be important to getting the most for your home.  While multiple offers are still occurring for many properties, having a highly competent agent who knows the Pleasanton market will be critical to your success

Buyers:  Being prepared to act quickly will be the key to getting the home you are looking for.  Prime properties are getting a great deal of attention and multiple offers.  The result is that they don’t stay on the market long.  Having a professional Realtor who understands the Pleasanton market and your own strengths as a buyer will put you in a strong position to secure the home you really want.


Access all Pleasanton CA homes for sale here

04_2016 pl summary table

04_2016 pl price range table


Pleasanton CA Homes for Sale

SOLD! 120 Mission Dr, Pleasanton, CA 94566

120 Mission Dr | Pleasanton | CA | 94566

Offered at $519,000

Mission Dr Temp Photo

Charming townhome close to everything in Pleasanton.  End unit in small complex with excellent commute access to I-680, I-580, & the ACE Train.  2 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms, updated kitchen & bathrooms, and quiet patio.  Included 1 covered parking space and one assigned space in lot.

Real Estate in Ruby Hill Pleasanton

Ruby Hill Pleasanton Market Update April 2016

Ruby Hill Pleasanton Market Update April 2016

We have seen an increase in inventory in the Ruby Hill real estate market over the past month.  The number of homes for sale has nearly doubled, from seven a month ago to thirteen as of April 27.  On the other hand, fewer sales have closed.  20 sales closed during the past six months and an additional six are pending.  By comparison, 33 sales closed in each of the previous six month periods.

The 13 actively listed homes are priced at $2,529,594, on average.  That works out to $476 per square foot.  They have been on the market an average of 46 days, with only one home being listed for more than three months.

The six pending sales have been listed for 56 days, on average.  The average list price is $2,592,000 or $500 per square foot.

The following table shows the homes for sale and pending sale.

16_0427 ruby hill act-pend snapshot

The average sales price of the 20 closed sales was $2,222,425.  These homes were on the market for an average of 59 days and sold for about 87% of their asking price.  The price per square foot was $477.

The following table shows all closed sales in the past six months.

16_0427 ruby hill closed snapshot


See Active and Sold homes in Ruby Hill Pleasanton

A private gated community on the eastern flank of Pleasanton, this luxury golf course development features exceptional homes and estates surrounded by the rolling hills and vineyards of the Livermore Valley. There are semi-custom homes and over 500 custom homes within Ruby Hills. Many have golf course views. The homes feature some of the finest builders in Northern California, and boast a wide range of amenities and design elements. From Formal Italian to Country French to Craftsman, you will find every style and concept reflected in exquisite homes and estates.



Homes for Sale in Pleasanton CA

SOLD! 1722 Greenwood Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94566

1722 Greenwood Rd | Pleasanton | CA |94566


Greenwood Front Temp

Fabulous 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom single story in the heart of Pleasanton Valley with courtyard entrance, gleaming hardwood floors, remodeled granite & stainless kitchen, expanded marble master bath, and large private yard.  Walk to all 3 award winning schools.