Should I Offer a Credit to Buyers instead of Changing the Carpeting?

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Hi, this is Doug Buenz and this is the 680 Homes Video Channel. Today we’re going to address a common question some sellers have. That is, “Doug, that’s great that you want me to change the carpet, or repaint, or do some staging, but why do that? Why not just offer the buyer credit instead?”

The thinking for this kind of comment is basically that the buyer may not like the colors you choose, or the carpet you choose, or might prefer to pick it out themselves. On an intellectual level, that’s true. However, buying the property is not an intellectual exercise. It’s an emotional exercise first and foremost. 93% or more of the home buyers buy what they see, not what could be.

So, it’s important to attack a property on an emotional level to maximize its appeal in the marketplace. That’s what leads to sales.

Even if a buyer rips out every inch of carpeting you just put in or paints over every wall you just painted, it’s still the best money you ever spent because it creates that inviting environment that makes the buyer place themselves in the property and wants to pursue it as their own home.

So, it is important to do those improvements. Making the property clean, fresh, new carpet, new paint, up to date, make it home sparkle is what creates demand for your property not a credit for $4,000 so the buyer can go pick out for himself. That just doesn’t translate well in the real world of selling houses.

This is Doug Buenz with 680 Homes Video Channel.