Next Level Mom!

Moms are a whole different kind of special. Lest we ever forget that she physically put you together all by herself, kept you alive and continued to be your personal psychologist through life. She deserves more than one of the last cards on the shelf with your name (the name she gave you) scribbled in the corner.

Here are a few unique gift ideas to boost the “wow factor” this Mother’s Day.

Plant a Tree

Nothing honors life more than giving new life! Choose a tree that fits her lifestyle like perhaps a Japanese Maple to signify her college trip to japan or a willow to honor her southern roots. Give it some thought. Show up to her house on Mothers Day and make it an event for the whole family, grandkids and all. Pick a spot and get to digging! You will feel great for the effort and physical gift and she will reflect fondly on you every time she watches it grow.

Interactive Picture Frame

Do you live further away from mom than a quick visit on the regular? Look into a WiFi cloud digital picture frame that you can upload too from a distance. With this line of digital frame you can upload pictures of the kids, of you and your travels or anything you think she would love to see. She can set the frame up in plain view and see the updates real time. The only downside is the potential for her to treat it like the TV and call you when you lag.


Does mom love to cook but hates to shop, or is really into wine? Enroll her in a club that regularly delivers her favorite things directly to her step. She can have pre-packed meals delivered with easy and colorful recipe cards to cook for her and dad or a special book delivered once a month that she can get lost in for a little while. Again, like the tree and frame, this is a gift that keeps on giving all year round, and every time the doorbell rings, will be reminded of how important she is to you.

Take Her on Your Next Trip

Do you have a camping trip coming up with the family or headed to Disneyland? Kids aren’t the only ones who love to be surprised with spontaneous destinations. Ask her if she would like to go with you all to the lake. At the end of the day, moms just want to feel included and this will give her an opportunity to spend time with the people she loves the most.

You have to step back on Mothers Day and take the gift ideas off autopilot. She means more to you and your own family than that and reminding her is good for everybody.