Make Scents to Make Dollars!

Sell your home buy making it smell right…not just good! The right smells during an open house can ease the potential buyer into more relaxed and sentimental place! All great places to get somebody making a meaningful purchase!

MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan and aroma specialist Dr Megan Thornton put some popular scents to the test with prospective home buyers to test the impact five scents had on the perceived value of a home.

Overwhelmingly a citrus scent came out as the most likely to persuade homebuyers to pay up, nosing out freshly baked brownies and bread.

The test found a subtle whiff of citrus at an open for inspection could add tens of thousands of dollars to the price a buyer thought a home was worth.

Here are the top contenders as well as the offenders:


Coming out on top as the most popular scent when hosting viewings is citrus. Clean, fresh and neutral, there’s a reason why cleaning products are citrus fragranced. Don’t go crazy with the citrus fragranced bleach, though – there’s nothing homely about a house that smells like a hospital.

Brownies/Baked Goods

Baked goods are the key to a person’s olfactory center! Remind them of their childhood, a favorite grandmother or that one rainy day that mom kept them home from school so you could help them bake for the holiday party! Those memories are invaluable and they might as well give you a blank check.

Fresh laundry

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh laundry? There’s something homely, clean and relaxing about the smell of washing, which explains why it’s so popular with buyers. Pick up a linen fragranced reed diffuser rather than draping your home in laundry – as lovely as it smells, buyers don’t want to see your washing, even if it is clean.


It’s a cliche for a reason, and coffee smells good – even to those who don’t drink it. Brew a fresh pot before viewings and offer buyers a cup. It’s a win for everyone involved.


Cactuses and succulents may be all the range currently, but plants do more than just make your home look pretty. Adding greenery gives your home life and plants such as lavender and rosemary create a soothing smell.

The top offenders

Unsurprisingly, the top offending smells when it comes to turning buyers off properties are smoke, pets, bad plumbing or trash bins. Deciding against the property isn’t always because of the smell itself, but can be a result of the way those smells make the buyer feel. If a bad smell stops a potential buyer from wanting to spend time in your home, it’s unlikely they’ll want to make it theirs. The old advice to open the windows and air your home before a viewing is vital. You might not notice the smell anymore, but you can be sure a potential buyer will.