Homes for Sale and Real Estate Market Update for Pleasanton CA April 2018

Homes for Sale and Real Estate Market Update for Pleasanton CA April 2018

Hi everybody, it’s Doug Buenz with The 680 Group at Venture Sotheby’s, and I’m bringing you a quick Pleasanton market update. As always if you could share this with someone you think might find it interesting, I would really appreciate it.

So basically right now as everybody knows the market’s super hot.  If we look at the Pleasanton market overall the numbers certainly reflect that. For homes in Pleasanton under  $1,000,000 there are three active listings right now. And believe it or not, that’s up 62% from last month at this time. So pretty slim pickings under a million dollars in Pleasanton.  For pending sales there are eight of them. That’s unchanged from last month-to-date. And there are four closed sales so far this month, unchanged again from last month-to-date. So the story in the under $1 million market is very constrained inventory, lots of demand, and it remains hot!

If we look at the $1,000,000 to $2,000,000  bracket well, we’ve seen a lot of activity in that bracket. Right now there are 29 active listings at this point in April. That’s up 81% from this same period in March. So you can see starting to see more inventory come on the market now.  Clearly sellers are “making hay while the sun shines”.  There are 16 pending sales in the $1,000,000 to $2,000,000  range moth to date. That’s down 27%, so pending sales are a little bit slower this month compared to last month.  For Sold properties,  they are up 83% month to date over March to date. So again last month was very active in this price range, and that’s reflected in the sold properties.  Average days on market for sold properties in this price segment is  9, which again shows it is very strong in this market segment. That’s up 29% however, so it’s creeping up a little bit with the inventory that’s coming on the market. The average price per square foot for sold properties month to date in this price range is $587. That’s down slightly (3.6%) from last month-to-date.  And the average sales price to list price ratio is very surprising in this price range, coming in at 107%. So multiple offer territory between $1,000,000 to $2,000,000, and that’s an indication of how strong that market segment has been, although we’re starting to see more inventory. So if you’re a buyer don’t get discouraged –  there’s some good properties coming on the market!

Now if you look at the over $2,000,000 market segment, inventory wise there are 24 homes for sale over $2,000,000. That’s up slightly from last month-to-date. It’s up 4.3%. There are two pending sales. That’s down 60% from last month-to-date, so there is a little less sales activity this month so far.  There are seven closed sales this month-to-date. That’s up 250% from last month-to-date,  again an indication that the market was very brisk last month in this price segment. Average price per square foot over $2,000,000 is $486 a square foot. That’s up under slightly under 1% from last month to date. Average days on market is 44. That’s down 52%.  With the strong sales activity in the over $2 million bracket you’re seeing the days on market come down. And the average sales price to list price ratio is 98% in this price segment. And that’s up slightly 2% from last month-to-date.  s

So, Sales price to list price over $2,000,000 is 98%. Sales price to list price $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 is 107% percent.  This gives you an indication that the higher you go up the price range the fewer buyers there are, and a little softer the market is.

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