Simple Spring Fixes for Your Home

Simple Spring Fixes for your Home

Simple Home Fixes This Spring

Spring is about to, well, spring. Time to assess the worst in your home brought on by winter. Use the break in the weather to take a closer look at what needs to be done heading into a nicer season and prepare yourself fully for next year. Spruce up your home for spring!


Get at those bushes and trees! Perhaps the winter weather has weakened some vital branches that could snap once dry. Get rid of them. Take a good long look at the bushes that are somewhat manageable now because the impending warm weather will cause them to growth spurt.


The number one offender of big money damage in a home is water. You must respect the flow! Treat your gutters with respect in the weather break by really getting in there. Clean them out, look for breaks or loose mounts, check the pitch and make certain that everything is flowing the direction you want it to.


There is nothing like a broken and dirty screen once you want to throw the window open on the first beautiful spring day. Take this opportunity to remove all your screens and give them a good cleaning as well as check the trim and rescreen as necessary.


Our old foe water comes into play here again. Assess your trim and external woodwork on your home for damage. Poke and prod below the paint to check the integrity. Do you have rot, or holes? Well they aren’t going to get better in warmer weather. In most cases you can simply strip, seal and repaint your woodwork. This will save big money later and also give your home a facelift for curb appeal.


The next thing to look at would be vents that lead outside, which connect to your heating and cooling systems, dryer and more. A damaged or missing vent cap could allow birds or rodents in, clogging the vent and potentially releasing toxins into your home. “This is the time when birds are going to immediately want to nest. Couple that with some nice weather, and within a day or two things can change dramatically,” Dave Lavalle, founder of Dryer Vent Wizard says.

Take advantage of the sun coming out this spring and give your home a good once over! You will be able to enjoy the nicer weather so much more as well as know that when the bad stuff rolls through again you will be ready!