Does It Make Sense To Stage a Property?

While many sellers are still living in their homes while they’re on the market, some are left in a situation in which the house must sell while it’s vacant. Maybe your family had to move for a job or perhaps you were using it as rental property and the renters have left.

Whatever the case, I often get sellers in this situation asking me if it’s worth the investment of staging the home — placing furniture and décor throughout to make it look lived in.

Some of the specific questions they should consider:

  • How does an empty house make a buyer feel?
  • What is the best way to reach a buyer on an emotional level?
  • How can buyers visualize themselves living in the house?
  • How important is a point of reference when it comes to furnishings?
  • Do pictures of a vacant house parlay into a sale?
  • How do buyers perceive empty houses?

I provide answers to all these questions in a 680 Homes Channel video. In less than three minutes you’ll have a strong understanding of the value that staging provides for the home seller.