Winter Rules in Golf

What Are “Winter Rules” in Golf?

We are headed (hopefully) into the wetter season, but let’s be honest, we live in California and so we are keeping our tee time!

There are seldom things more uncomfortable in golf than setting the rules with your playing companion on the first tee box and not fully understanding the rules that are being set.

We are here to help!

What are Winter Rules?

When anybody suggests, “let’s play winter rules”, you may ask, “What are winter rules in golf?” Here is what they mean:

Players have the option of lifting, cleaning and placing the ball when Winter Rules are in play.  If they choose to place the ball (versus playing it as it lies) then they must adhere to the following:

  • Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position immediately behind the ball.
  • Having lifted the ball, the player must place it on a spot within six inches, not nearer the hole from where it originally lay.  6 inches is roughly equivalent to the length of a MGC scorecard.
  • A player may place his ball only once. If the ball subsequently moves, there is no penalty and the ball must be played as it lies. (In practice, mark, lift and clean, place within 6 inches, remove marker. After that, the ball is live.)
  • If the player fails to mark the position of the ball before lifting it or moves the ball in any other manner, such as rolling it with a club, he incurs a penalty of one stroke.

Note: Somewhat surprisingly, when placing the ball, the ball may be moved from fairway to rough and vice versa if within the allowed measuring distance from the original spot once it is not nearer the hole.

When bunkers are deemed out of play the relief is: The player must drop out of the bunker within one club length at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.  It is generally advisable to agree with your playing partners what is the nearest point of relief before taking the drop. And if Winter Rules are in play then you can lift, clean, and place as described above.

When bunkers are deemed to be Ground Under Repair (GUR) the player has the option of treating the bunker as out of play OR the player also has the option of playing the ball.

NOTE: When dropping in the rough if the ball rolls more than 6 inches from your marker after two drops it can be placed. 

So there you have it! Winter rules explained. Now you can adhere to suggested rules, as well as educate your partners on them.

Pleasanton Real Estate

Doug Buenz Real Estate Buyers Services

In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view Doug Buenz Real Estate Buyer Services on my YouTube channel:


Doug – What makes me effective as an agent is my ability to connect with my clients and really understand what it is that that they’re trying to achieve, what it is that’s important. Well my background is in finance and marketing and I’ve always had a strong interest in real estate, I love real estate, I love development, I love architecture; it’s something that’s always been a passion of mine.


Doug brings a lot of experience to the transaction. He knows how to get the job done. He has a tremendous amount integrity, if he doesn’t think it’s the right thing to do as far as selling your home right now he’ll tell you, “Walk away from it, don’t do it” and he really has his client’s best interest in mind.


So I called him and just immediately felt a great connection with him and was really knowledgeable about the area, really warm, didn’t seem like he was really pushing or trying to sell himself or really aggressive kind of, sometimes you get aggressive Realtors® who are really like, you know, “Give me a call back I can do this for you, I can do this for you.” He’s just really laid back, really comfortable. Kind of almost felt like I was talking to like a father kind of figure.


I was posing questions, very simple questions, to a lot of different Realtors® just to get a sense of one town versus another and neighborhoods within towns and for the most part I would just get boilerplate, cut and pasted responses from people, if at all. And from Doug I got almost immediately very careful, thought out, personalized responses and that totally distinguished him from everyone else.


Doug – I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is for me that my clients have a good experience that they’re happy. I just had a situation about a month ago and there was two houses my client was considering. One of them was a brand new house by a builder and of course they were offering this huge commission if somebody would buy their house, but it had a busy street behind it and it bothered me. And I told my clients that.


When you hire Doug as a Realtor®, you don’t just get Doug, you get a whole team of professionals. And I’m not talking about just an assistant. I’m talking about painters, contractors, professionals in the business that get the job done.


We were in Los Angeles and trying to close a house, trying to have people coming to your home, you know, you want someone that you can trust. You’re handing over a key, you’ve already bought the house. I have no idea what’s going on up here and it was just great to know that he did every single thing that I asked him to do. There was no question that when I said you know “This person is coming to our house at five o’clock I need for you to be there.” He would drop everything and make sure that he was going to be there for that and that was the world to me. And you know it just, it just made the transaction so much easier.


He was there for the roof inspection, the home inspection, the termite inspection, all things we would’ve wanted to be there in person if we weren’t 3,000 miles away. He just went way above and beyond whatever I would’ve expected anybody to do for us.


Doug – It’s nice to have a safe harbor at home, where we can connect as a family. And I realized how important family is to me and I know it’s just as important my clients.


Actually he’s a great asset and resource for us to have in the area. When we were looking to have things done to our house, we’d email Doug first, “Hey Doug do you have anybody that does these things?” or he just definitely knows the area. He’s become a good friend of the family that way.


Doug’s a family man, you know, he’s got kids like I do about the same age. I think he knows what families need in terms of property and location and I think that mix really worked really well for us.


Doug – My job is to do whatever it takes to help my clients. I remember I had some clients who needed to sign a counteroffer but they were at their brother’s wedding and so I said, “Stay there, have a good time I’m coming up tonight.” And I drove up, the hour plus my car, had them sign the document right at the reception I got to dance with his grandmother, too. It was fun. They did get the house.


Real Estate Seller Services in Pleasanton

Doug Buenz Real Estate Seller Services

In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view Doug Buenz Real Estate Seller Services on my YouTube channel:


As an industry observer and someone who’s been in the marketing field, real estate specifically, for over a decade I really think Doug is one of the best marketers out there in this business. He really takes a 360-degree approach to real estate marketing. Utilizes a mix of media you know, online, offline. He’s really just trying to go to serve the consumer.

Doug – With my multitude of websites, my family of websites in my all of my, both traditional and non-traditional and Internet-based marketing channels, I’m able to expose a home to the marketplace in much greater exposure levels than your typical agent would be able to do.


He did an excellent job of marketing our home online. As everyone knows people look online for homes now. When we were looking for a new home that’s how we found our new home. Especially in this area it’s very important to have a good website, very important to have a website that’s easy to access, that pops up for just about anyone searching for a home and we definitely found it was it was hard to not find Doug’s websites.


Doug – My strategy is very simple: I want to get my listings on as many different websites and as many different channels to potential buyers as possible. That’s called “impact marketing”. That’s what it really takes today to expose property to homebuyers.


He has a special feature on the website where you can search by neighborhood. So once you find the town that you’re looking for you can actually focus on a particular neighborhood and look only at houses in that neighborhood and, you know, I’m a very busy person and I don’t want to have to be you know looking at houses and trying to figure out where they are and whether they’re where I’d like to be. And having that feature on his website was just very very helpful. And he also has very good link to aerial views with 3, 000 miles away is important.


When it comes to understanding the market particularly market that’s in transition like this one, I don’t know anyone who’s got more insights than Doug Buenz when it comes to trying to figure out what’s happening before it’s happening. It’s just absolutely a talent that he has which must partly speaks of his intellect but I think also probably speaks of just the fact that he’s got that intuition, that insight that tells you he knows from the gut what’s happening out there. Great partner.


Just really enjoyed the experience working with Doug. He was very very helpful throughout the process. You know that that’s a very difficult thing for for families coming into a new area and Doug, he provided a lot of information about the local market. He was a great consultant to us.


Now since he’s been in the business for 18 years he’s getting some of his past clients’ children are now using him. That support it is sort of like you have your family doctor, Doug’s going to be your family Realtor®.


Pleasanton CA Real Estate

Pleasanton Community Interviews

In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view Pleasanton Community Interviews on my YouTube channel:


Doug – Of course I’m going to tell you how great it is to live in Pleasanton, but why don’t we talk to some of the people who actually live here, let’s see what they have to say about our community.

We like the location, and we like the small town feel of the town. We, although we both work out of the area, it’s very nicely centrally located. It’s in between Silicon Valley and San Francisco, Stella works in Southern California and actually commutes via the airplane each week, but we continue to come here because we like the feel of it, and we like the open spaces here

Oh yeah, we’ve lived in Pleasanton 40 years. Tom? Yeah. 40 years.

40 years.

40 years and we’ve seen a huge, huge difference, of course. We would never still not move, not live any place else.

It’s a great place to raise the family. The crime factor and the environment. We raised two kids here, two daughters, they both did a wonderful job with their lives, so it’s just a great place to live.

Main Street’s like a Rockwell painting. It’s kind of a small town. Everybody talks to each other. It’s just really nice and you can kind of look and see how everybody’s just kind of cruising it’s relaxed. There’s no stress, it’s just really, really beautiful town.

Pleasanton’s a piece of the rock, it’s an experience. You take a look, we got the downtown is like the old town you get to bring the kids out. It’s safe. Coming to the farmers market, just like this, it’s an experience, it’s just one of those flavors of the city.

It’s the family setting, it feels like it’s family, the downtown fields like it’s made for families, the parks are made for families. I think having a family of three boys basically that’s what makes it great.

So it’s safe and everybody’s nice and that you don’t have to worry about…Crime rate is really low, I never hear about any crime here.

School are excellent.

Well, it’s pretty hard to beat year-round weather. The weather here is excellent. I come from coastal area which was great, but having the warmth and the nice outdoor walking around weather this long in the season, it’s a definite plus.

California the weather’s amazing. My friends right now are bundled up in their mufflers and their galoshes and they’re freezing their heinies off and I’m gonna go hiking bike riding and call them from the ridge of Pleasanton. So if that doesn’t put it in perspective, I don’t know what will.

The best part about the town, we shopped all over the San Francisco Bay for a home about 10 years ago. We went into a lot of neighborhoods, we saw graffiti, we saw bars on windows and we came here and we saw the sports part, the children playing in the streets, walking downtown. As a matter of fact just now, one of the young children right here doing advertising. I think for her mom’s store. It’s just a great place to be.

The school system. That’s why we live here. We live here because the schools, we have a 14-year-old that’s at Amador and this little guy is going to be going to Vintage Hills in a couple of years.

Schools are excellent. The girls all go to Alisal Elementary school, Santa Rita.

I have a really nice teacher.

And they all love their teachers.

We were very active cyclists. We can roll out our door and find hills, flat, you name it, it’s here. That yes, without traveling, we get to ride the same route as the tour of California and we don’t have to take a bus or a car, to do it.

I do a lot of activities with the kids, sports and spend a lot in the town.

The farmers’ market.

The farmers’ market on Saturday mornings.

And I love the dog show here.

And the dog show in the farmers market.

Yeah, the farmer’s market, which we’ve only done this a few times now, but this is really nice to be able to walk down here on a Saturday, we live right up the street right off of Main Street, so we don’t have it in a car at all, and having the fairgrounds, right next door with all the car shows that happen every year being able to just walk from our house, like right to the car shows, and everything’s happening in the fairgrounds. It’s great.

Really convenient.

It’s hard to believe the ambiance is still the same. I mean, there will be a parade downtown Pleasanton at the drop of a hat. They close downtown there’s just always something to do downtown.

I like to ride my 1976 Vespa downtown and hang out at the farmers’ market, we pick up some nice fruit and vegetables. See some friends. Always run into friends here.

First days of the month they block off Main Street and it’s a pretty much a block party that goes from six to nine on the first Wednesdays of the month from May to September I think it is.

First Wednesdays happen during the summer time, and it’s pretty much when the entire city comes out, there’s a beer garden, they close down Main Street pretty awesome. Good people-watching, music. It’s a good time.

She does quite a few sports and I play tennis. The tennis center here is really good, great group of women and everything.

Very safe community. Definitely, we owe it…

Yeah we used to live in Richmonde and that’s why we moved.

We owe, definitely, to our police department here, it’s very active and always on top of things.

My grandmother’s trying to move here. She’s in Richmonde right now.

Everything is so convenient, the people are really friendly. Mainly it’s the fact that the core downtown is… Lends itself to everybody visiting and eating out and just a real friendly place.

So I hope you enjoyed our look around Pleasanton. If I can be of any assistance to you or answer a question is give me call. I’m worthy of your trust.

Real Estate Properties In Pleasanton CA

Downtown Pleasanton California

In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view Downtown Pleasanton Californiaon my YouTube channel:


Welcome to Pleasanton!

Welcome to Pleasanton!

Welcome to Pleasanton!

Welcome to Pleasanton!

Without question, the heart of Pleasanton is its downtown area, it harkens back to the 1800s in the wild West. Today it’s full of cafes, coffee shops, boutiques, art galleries, bakeries, and fine restaurants. Think Butch Cassidy meets Wolfgang.


In 1884, Pleasanton was made a city and it is on from there we celebrated our Centennial a few years back. John Cottanger was an admirer of general Alfred Pleasonton. It was Pleasonton, not Pleasanton but the Postal Service fouled it up, and put the “A” and instead of the “O”. And so that’s why we’re Pleasanton, instead of Pleasonton. It’s a great community and it draws people because it has a hometown feel. Our Main Street is still a home town.


We were looking for an area such as this, where it looks a little bit like Old Town, hometown USA. A lot of people from back east say it reminds them of where they grew up, in the area and so forth, and it has that kind of feel. So between the uniqueness of the merchants here, the stores and the wonderful restaurants on Main Street, find people come back regularly, every day.


We are the wine steward, we’re in downtown Pleasanton. We’re the largest wine shop in the East Bay, happens to be right down here in full old downtown Pleasanton. And this used to be an old movie theater built in the 1920’s, and we took occupation in 1999 and have been here ever since.


Pleasanton is one of those throwback towns, this part of it which is the old downtown, is just a quaint area, and people are friendly, people are down here walking their dogs, and it’s just like old America, it’s a really nice place to hang out and live.


I’ve been in Pleasanton for 26 years, and I’ve had my store here for ten years and I love Pleasanton. The customers are really friendly, all my friends come in, my kids go to school in Pleasanton and it’s just been the best experience in my life to have a store here.


Downtown Pleasanton is actually the heart of Pleasanton. That’s what everyone calls it, it’s a place we gather, it’s the place we come down to just for coffee or a good piece of pizza. Great restaurants of all kinds here. People like to just sit out and watch each other and talk to each other. You’ll see lots of bike riders, you’ll see lots of hikers and walkers and just people with baby carriages, down here in the downtown because it’s the place we all gather.


Got to love the farmer’s market too.

Yeah, the farmer’s market, which we’ve only done this a few times now, but this is really nice to be able to walk down here on a Saturday. We live right on the street right on the main street, so we don’t get in the car at all. And having the fairgrounds, right next door, with all the car shows that happen every year. Being able to just walk from our house like right to the car shows when it’s happening, it’s great.


When it’s the first Wednesday of the month and they block off Main Street, it’s pretty much a block party. It goes from six to nine on the first Wednesday of the month, from May to September I think it is.


Main Street is like a Rockwell painting, it’s kind of a small town. Everybody talks to each other it’s, it’s just really nice.You can look and see, everybody is just kind of cruising, it’s relaxed, there’s no stress. It’s just a really, really beautiful town.


It’s a vital downtown, it’s where everybody wants to be.


So I hope you enjoyed our look around Downtown Pleasanton, if I can be of any assistance to you or answer any questions, please give me a call. I’m worthy of your trust.

What Is Labor Day?

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day

Labor Day is Monday September 9th this year but what Exactly Is Labor Day?

Most got a three-day weekend, those that had to work dealt with a manageable level of traffic and we are once again unsure if we are allowed to wear anything white now for the rest of the year. But what really is Labor Day?

We will give a brief history of how the holiday came to be and what it means today. Sufficed to say, you can safely wear all the white you want.

How It Started

In September 1882, the unions of New York City decided to have a parade to celebrate their members being in unions, and to show support for all unions. At least 20,000 people were at the parade and anybody that came gave up a days work.

By 1887 Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Colorado made Labor Day a state holiday based on the success of their own parades held for the same reasons.

Who Exactly Started Labor Day?

Matthew Maguire, a machinist, and Peter McGuire, a carpenter, have been linked to the 1882 parade. The men were from rival unions and because of their similar sounding names the actual credit has been lost in time. In 2011, Linda Stinson, a former U.S. Department Labor Historian was tasked with deeming the creator and she arrived at the same conclusion. Hence, we give credit to both men.

President Cleveland and lawmakers in Washington wanted a federal holiday to celebrate labor and Cleveland signed an act in 1894 establishing the federal holiday “Labor Day”. Sen. James Henderson Kyle of South Dakota introduced S. 730 to make Labor Day a federal legal holiday on the first Monday of September. It was approved on June 28, 1894.

What’s Up With the Whole Wearing White Thing?

This old tradition goes back to the late Victorian era. Because the date of Labor Day was officially September 1st, it became the mark of the end of summer. Wearing white was considered a fashion faus pax after the summer holiday as it was considered the color most associated with vacation attire and to be worn at your summer cottage. We have long surpassed this fashion snafu and are more than free to wear whatever we like.

So there you have it. Not unlike other days and celebrations we celebrate as a nation, there is great meaning and historical significance to Labor Day. People have suffered long and hard for the right to take a day off, so do recognize the people that build our country and tip them the hat, even if it is white.

DING DONG-Doorbell Security Systems

Ding Dong-Doorbell Security Systems for Your Pleasanton CA Home

There are so many amazing doorbell security options out there right now but we want to cut through the chatter. Here are the top in their functions. Whether hard wired or battery, notifications or HD these are the tops in their categories.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

With RING doorbell, you’ll be able to see, hear, and speak to anyone on your doorstep, even if you’re not at home. Simply open up your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and you can interact in real-time (and in 1080 HD video) with the mailman, your spouse, or anyone else who’s ringing your doorbell via an app.

You’ll also get instant notifications on your devices when visitors press the doorbell or trigger its motion sensors. You can connect up to ten iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows devices, so everyone in your family can be plugged in if they want to be. This device also runs entirely on battery power, which means you don’t have to worry about hardwiring it to your home. When the battery is out, simply plug it into a MicroUSB cable. A single charge will last up to three months.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Nest may have started out as a smart thermostat company, but it has since branched off into other areas of smart home. With 24/7 streaming, this Nest doorbell ensures you won’t miss a thing when it comes to the security of your front door. It’s designed to show you a full view of your doorstep, so you’ll see people from head to toe, and you’ll be able to spot packages on the ground.

Check in whenever you feel like it, or you can scroll back through a three-hour snapshot history to make sure everything’s a-Ok. The doorbell delivers clear video and crisp audio during any time of the day or night, thanks to built-in night-vision capabilities. It offers the same security as the Nest Cam, the company’s home security camera, along with all the functionality of a doorbell.

Honeywell Skybell Trim

This Honeywell doorbell is always on, so you can begin a live video stream at any time to monitor your home, even if you’re at a remote location. Two-way audio also helps you hear and speak to visitors using your iPhone or iPad. Even if the doorbell isn’t pressed, the built-in motion sensor will let you know when someone is in front of your door.

The doorbell also features a silent mode, which lets you turn off the indoor chime and instead receive notifications on your devices — great for when you’re taking a nap and don’t want to be disturbed.

SkyBell HD

This video doorbell has a full HD 1080p camera with color night vision and a 5x zoom, so you can get a good look at who’s there day or night. When the SkyBell HD senses motion or someone rings the bell, it will start recording video. Two-way audio lets you carry on a conversation and while you’re chatting, you can take a photo of your visitor, without disrupting video recording. And, you can activate the camera at any time to check out the live feed from the front door of your Pleasanton CA home. If you don’t want to be disturbed, say the baby is taking a nap; you can put the doorbell chime in quiet mode from within the app.


The best thing about installing a security system in your home is that it has ROI. When/if you decide to sell, the system can help increase your resale value.

Mini Projects with Big Impact: Screens

Cleaning Your Screens

It’s such an easy thing to do and has such an impact from both sides of the window, yet an amazing amount of us balk at getting it done. Cleaning your screens reward you and your home so there is no time like the present waning summer.

Take It Off

Begin by removing screens from the windows. If you’re removing all of your home’s screens at once be sure to take the time to label each window and the proper placement for reinstallation. Trust us on this one!


Lay the screen flat on a white towel, and run a handheld vacuum or a vacuum with an extendable attachment over the screen gently to remove loose debris like spider webs, dust and pollen. A white towel will allow you to really see where you need to concentrate.

Flip the screen and clean the other side the same way.


In the bucket, mix 1/4 cup of liquid all-purpose cleaner with 1/2 gallon of water. Lift the screen to an upright position and gently wash over both sides of each screen from top to bottom with a sudsy sponge or microfiber cloth. This is not the time to flex muscle. Be gentle.


Turn on the hose to run at a low pressure and rinse the screen clean. Do this before the soap has a chance to dry. Again. This is no time to rush or use brute strength. If you have a nozzle set to a powerful setting, you risk loosening the screen from the spline (especially with fiberglass screens) rendering the screen saggy or creating gaps between the screen and the frame.


Use a dry towel to absorb excess water on the screen, and allow the screens to air dry. Perhaps lay them out on the lawn in the afternoon sun for the day. Maintain the screens regularly between soapy cleanings by using an extendable vacuum to remove dust and pollen.

Finally you can open you window when there is a breeze and not feel like you live on the inside of a vacuum filter.

Real Estate in Pleasanton CA

SOLD! 7815 Canyon Meadow Cir, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Pleasanton CA Home

Stunning condo in peaceful, quiet development. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 790 sq ft, with private balcony, community pool & tennis courts. Represented the buyer of this property.

SOLD! 7815 Canyon Meadow Cir, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Market Stats
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Main Features
1 Bedroom
1 Full Bathroom
Interior: 790 sqft
7815 Canyon Meadow Cir
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Doug BuenzDoug Buenz

Venture | Sotheby’s International Realty
(925) 621-0680



Listed by: Doug Buenz

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Real Estate Property in Dublin CA

SOLD! 3240 Maguire Way #300, Dublin, CA 94568

Dublin CA Home

Sunny, end-unit condo in The Terraces of Dublin. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1246 sq ft, with community gym, pool, & clubhouse. Represented the buyer of this property

SOLD! 3240 Maguire Way #300, Dublin, CA 94568
Market Stats
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Main Features
3 Bedrooms
2 Full Bathrooms
Interior: 1,246 sqft
3240 Maguire Way
Dublin, CA 94568

Doug BuenzDoug Buenz

Venture | Sotheby’s International Realty
(925) 621-0680



Listed by: Doug Buenz

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