Success Stories

My expertise, creativity, and unique insights consistently make the difference in helping our clients achieve their goals. Here are just a few examples of how I have leveraged my expertise to help my clients come out on top:

Rebranding to Sell.

My client Dan contacted me to sell his house off Foothill Road. He had been trying to sell it on and off for over 5 years, and had hired 10 different agents, all of whom were unable to get the home sold. It was on a spectacular 70 Acre parcel on top of the ridge. The house was unique and unconventional. It was certainly a challenge to sell.

I recommended a new strategy to Dan to get his home sold. While the land, setting, and view was spectacular, the house needed some work. I changed the focus from the house to the setting, indicating that the house needed remodeling or even a complete rebuild. The house was not really bad, but the prior agents described it in glowing terms, giving the impression that it was a turn-key house. The inevitable result was that buyers were disappointed in the house. I suggested we “undersell” the house, play up the property and setting, and give a more realistic picture of what we were offering. I also listed the property as raw land, appealing to buyers who may want to build a custom home on the property.

Incredible setting and view

Incredible setting and view

The result? I sold the home within 30 days to an all cash buyer who fell in love with the land.  And because the house was down played, the buyer was pleasantly surprised, and saw the possibilities in remodeling and expanding the house. And the $2,620,000 price was more than my seller had hoped to get.

Changing the Game.

I was contacted by my clients Jeff & Liz, who wanted to sell their custom home in Pleasanton. It was a slightly older home, and while it sat on a generous 1.1 Acre lot, much of the lot sloped up, so the useable portion seemed smaller than what you would expect on a lot of that size.

They had tried to sell it a year earlier, but were unable to even get an offer. It was on the market for over 5 months with no luck. They subsequently relocated overseas, and so they needed someone local who could get the job done. They called me to help them sell their home. I came up with a game plan to change the game and get their home sold. First, I recommended they remove several trees and a fence along the rear of the property. The trees and fence closed in the yard visually, adding to the perception that the yard was small, and they blocked the view of the beautiful hill and open space behind the property. Next, I recommended new carpeting and paint inside to update the look. And I had my designer Lyn develop a staging plan to make the house look its best.

The result? We sold the property in 6 days. And the selling price of $1,930,000 was almost $150,000 more than they were asking when the property was on the market before.

To Landscape or Not To Landscape.

My long time clients Bob & Dorothy decided they wanted to move to Arizona. They were both in their 80’s, and did not have a great deal of money or energy to do any work to their home. Their back yard was a mess. It had a dead lawn, and an old pond and water fall that was inoperable, and in general the yard did not show well at all. The rest of the house was decent, and had a remodeled kitchen. But the yard was a problem. I estimated the value of selling the house with the yard as is to be in the high $700,000’s. But they needed as much as possible from the sale, so I had my landscaper out to come up with a strategy to make the yard look its best with the least amount of investment possible.

We filled in the old pond, took down the waterfall and used the rocks to create a new flagstone patio in the corner, and installed an attractive “zero scape” yard that would look clean, fresh, and as a bonus would be easy on water use.

New "ZeroScape" landscaping cleaned up the yard

New “ZeroScape” landscaping cleaned up the yard

The result? We sold their home within 7 days for full price at $850,000 to a young couple who loved the house, and loved the yard.! My clients made $60,000 or more on an investment of approx. $10,000. And they were able to find their dream home in Arizona and retire comfortably for a fraction of the cost.

Market Knowledge Makes the Difference

Fred and Sandra needed to sell. They had it listed with one of the “top agents” in Pleasanton for over 3 months in hot market conditions, and it did not sell. They started at $1,230,000, and reduced it to $1,200,000. They felt defeated, and disillusioned, and frustrated that they could not sell their home, even in a hot market.

I met with them, and demonstrated that their home was not priced correctly. The previous agent had used comparable sales with much larger yards, and they were not really appropriate to use with their home (which had a smallish 5600 sq ft lot). I provided them with accurate information on pricing, and they agreed that they had severely overshot the market before. I then recommend some cosmetic changes to the house, including new carpeting and doing some strategic upgrades. We then shot new pictures, created a custom web site and video tour, and marketed the property aggressively.

The result? We sold the property in 10 days for $1,140,000. The house across the street, which had over $300,000 in upgrades, sold shortly after at a slightly higher price, which further validated the fact that they got the highest possible price for their home. They were thrilled and relieved.

The Elephant in the Room.

My clients Rick & Elaine called me, and wanted to sell their current home and buy another home in Pleasanton. We found them a perfect house, which they entered into contract to purchase. Now we needed to sell their home fast. The only problem was that there was a huge residential construction project that had just started directly across the street. It was literally a construction zone.

We clearly needed a plan to deal with this issue. So first, we replaced the carpeting, did some painting, and staged their home. It looked much better on the inside, but we still had the issue across the street. So we did some research, and composed an information board that we could display in the entry to address the construction head on. We provided information on what was going being built, and how it would impact their view of the ridge (it turned out to not have much of an impact on the view).


The result? Even though the construction was a challenge, we were able to sell their home in 19 days for a very good price of $995,000. This in spite of the fact that there were 2 other homes for sale around the corner that had been sitting on the market, and they were not selling. Strategic upgrades and attacking concerns head on is a winning strategy.

Carpet & Paint Pays.

My clients Mike & Kyung bought a custom home through me. They now needed to sell their current home, which was about 10 years old. Since they had already moved out, the house was vacant and looked tired. I recommended we paint the inside a more updated color, and replace all the carpeting. Market data indicated the property would be worth about $1,240,000. However, new carpeting and paint can do wonders for the appeal of a home.

So we did indeed install new sculpted designer carpeting and painted the house a deeper color (it had white walls). The property was instantly upgraded, fresh, and inviting.

New Carpeting & Paint Transforms the Home

New Carpeting & Paint Transforms the Home


The result? We ended up getting $1,305,000 for the home, thanks to skillfully managing 3 interested buyers.   My clients were obviously ecstatic.

Beautiful Marketing for a Beautiful Home.

My clients Doug & Jill were getting transferred to Georgia. The purchased a new custom home just 2 years ago, and proceeded to put over $100,000 into upgrades and landscaping. The home was beautiful, but they paid a premium price and then put major money into the property. They were worried about losing money on this home. Anything under $1,500,000 would have been a loss. So we decided to price it at $1,540,000, which we knew was a price that would generate strong interest

My task was to create a stunning marketing platform to highlight the exceptional design and lifestyle elements of this exquisite home in order to get the highest possible price. So my media team and I created a custom marketing platform, including a web site with video, photo gallery, and extensive details.


The result? With our combination of online marketing, traditional offline marketing, social media and relationship marketing, we were able to generate 7 offers on this home, and ended up selling it for $1,655,000!   My clients were very happy!

Choices, choices.

About 8 years ago, my client Jay was renting one of the new condos in Dublin.   It was a nice unit, all on one level, with views of the courtyard. It was a high density complex with underground parking. The “newness” appealed to him. He approached me about buying a condo in the complex, which at the time were selling around $500,000. I suggested he look at buying a smaller, older single family home instead. I explained that a smaller home would likely see better appreciation, as there were lots of similar condos being built at that time, and into the future.

He found a nice older home in decent condition that he was able to buy for $575,000. It needed some updating, but it was in a great location and worked well for him.

The result? The condo he was considering is now selling in the mid $400,000’s. And the house he purchased? It is worth close to $800,000.

Outgunned, but change in strategy saves the day.

My clients Matt & Lindsey wanted to sell their smaller home, which they outgrew, and purchase a larger home in a better neighborhood. The perfect house came on the market in the $1,150,000 range, and they wanted to buy it. However, their offer would have been contingent on the sale of their home. And there were other buyers who wanted the home, including one who had been outbid on 2 other homes in the neighborhood. As a result, they had virtually no chance of getting this house as a contingent buyer.

Fortunately, they had parents with substantial assets, and with my help we structured a deal to have their parents write an all cash offer for the house (giving us the leg up against any other buyers), close it, then have Matt & Lindsay sell their home and purchase the new house from their parents.

The result? The parents indeed were able to beat out the other buyers and secure the house. Matt & Lindsey sold their home within 14 days, closed it, and then purchased the home directly from their parents. And they were thrilled to get into this prime neighborhood, which they would not have been able to pull off without the change in strategy

Aggressiveness pays off.

My clients Chris and Allyce were somewhat interested in upgrading their home. When the perfect house came up, I immediately got them out to see it. It was love at first sight! The home fit them to a tee, was in the neighborhood they wanted, and had awesome views to boot. The only problem was the market was scalding hot in that neighborhood, and there was going to be serious interest and competition. Fortunately, they had a substantial down payment, so I got them pre-approved by one of my mortgage partners.

I suggested we needed to get them fully pre-approved with no potential issues. I needed 100% certainty that they would be able to get the loan. One other problem was that the listing agent indicated that the seller wanted to wait 6 or 7 days to look at offers. My clients really wanted this house, so I suggested we submit a pre-emptive offer with no loan or appraisal contingency. The loan was not an issue per the lender, and the appraisal contingency was a non-issue because they were putting a substantial amount down, and even if the appraisal came in low it would not impact their offer.


The result? We submitted the pre-emptive offer, and I aggressively pushed the listing agent to give us a counter. They finally agreed, and we got the house at a price they were happy with. The combination of certainty with no loan or appraisal contingency, and my aggressiveness in getting a response from the listing agent created a win-win for all concerned

Creative Solution Creates Win-Win.

My buyers Kevin & Savannah were buying their first home. It was a major fixer upper, and needed a good amount of work. We got our offer accepted with the seller, and did our inspections. There were quite a few items needed repair in the house, including some plumbing, appliances, dry rot in the floors, etc. While we normally would ask the seller to do most of these repairs, my buyer was much more interested in conserving their cash so they could do improvements as soon as they closed. So we requested a credit for their closing costs instead of repairs.

The result? The seller was thrilled because they did not have to do any repairs. The buyer was thrilled because they had more cash to work with (since they did not have to bring in as much cash for closing costs), and they could upgrade the house to their liking. And my buyer had contacts who could do the work for a very reasonable price, so they were able to get more out of the dollars that would have been spent by the seller. It was a win-win for everyone.

Frustrated buyers shift focus.

I got a call one day from some very frustrated buyers Masoud and Nilou. They had made several offers on homes locally, and had not gotten even a counter offer. They were low down payment buyers, and they followed their agent’s advice, but came up empty every time. They were ready to just give up. I set up a meeting with them, and suggested a change in strategy.

First we made sure we got them fully pre-approved with no conditions. We needed 100% certainty that they could get a loan, so we could make an offer with no loan contingency if the situation warranted it. Next we changed our focus on the type of homes we were pursuing. I suggested we stay away from highly upgraded homes that would have heavy competition. Instead, we should focus on the next tier of homes that were in good neighborhoods, but that needed some cosmetic updating. There is usually less competition for those homes, and they would have a much better chance of getting an offer accepted under that scenario. So we started looking with our new parameters, and found a really nice home in a prime neighborhood that needed some minor cosmetic upgrades.


The result? There was another offer on this home with a larger down payment, but we made a strong offer with no loan contingency and a very short inspection contingency. Thanks to the certainty we offered, along with my relationship with the listing agent, were able to get the house, despite the fact that our down payment was much lower than the competing offer. My clients were thrilled, and were able to do some upgrades as they went along. Now they have a beautiful home in a prime area that they are upgrading as they go, which is continuing to add to the value of the home

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