Getting the Highest Possible Price for Your Home

Getting you the highest possible price with a minimum amount of stress my main focus for my clients. For over 25 years, we have consistently helped hundreds of my clients get their highest possible price. There are 6 components we bring to the table to help you achieve this:

Market Knowledge.

Our resources, experience, and activity level/track record gives us a level of expertise on the local market that provides you with a distinct advantage as a seller. We provide the most extensive information available, including comparable sales, trends in the market, off market sales, and intuition, so we can determine an accurate range of value for your home

Property Preparation.

We will complete a preliminary assessment of your home, and identify a plan of action with recommendations to maximize the appeal of your home. We only recommend improvements that have a strong impact with a minimum of cost. Indeed, any improvement we recommend will bring value over and above the cost. Our highly skilled team of design, staging, and home improvement professionals are available to assist you in implementing the recommendations you wish to implement. We have dozens of case studies that illustrate how our property preparation made the difference for our clients

Powerful Marketing.

Reaching potential buyers and creating demand is a key component of getting you the highest possible price. We have a unique approach to marketing real estate that translates into higher prices. Through my powerful online and offline marketing channels, we tell The Story of your home in a compelling way that captures the imagination of home buyers and entices them to consider your home. Detailed information on my marketing


We have spent over 25 years developing and cultivating relationships with local and regional brokers. We have the Rolodex and contacts to give your home special attention with the movers and shakers of the real estate industry. And thanks to our track record of success and our reputation for professionalism and deal making skills, our listings get special attention in the market. All of these factors help your home rise above the clutter, and gives you the advantage you need to win in today’s market.

Access to Buyers.

Because of our unmatched online presence, we have exceptional access to potential buyers for your home. And my team represents a powerful army of committed professionals dedicated to finding buyers for my listings with our aggressive, proactive approach.


With my extensive, high level-training in negotiation, I am able to successfully protect your interests and get you the highest possible price. I have negotiated almost a Half Billion in real estate transactions, and possess the skill and training to handle any situation that arises. I attended the world renowned Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School, and hold a certificate from the Harvard Negotiation Institute. This prestigious program is popular with business and government leaders nationally and globally, and is regarded as the most powerful training in negotiation available. Just a handful of Real Estate Agents across the country have invested in their skillset and careers to this level and hold this advanced negotiations certification.

Focus on Process.

Our mission is to provide an extraordinary customer experience to my clients. I have a full service team of professionals that are dedicated to this goal. Communication is a primary focus of our team, ensuring that you know the status of the transaction, what the next steps are, key contract dates, and how things are progressing. With our use of technology, professionalism, and commitment to responsiveness, you will enjoy a seamless transaction with a minimum of stress and anxiety.

The Bottom Line to You

We sell our listings for almost 3% more and almost twice as fast as other agents. This means less stress, and potentially an additional $20,000 – $50,000 to you

To learn more about me and my services, and how we can get you the highest possible price, call me today at (925) 621-0680 or fill out the response form below.


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