Pleasanton CA Real Estate Market Update Video Feb 23, 2017

Pleasanton CA Real Estate Market Update Video Feb 23, 2017

The Pleasanton is strong with 36 new listings and only 41 single family homes on the market right now!



Hi! I’m Doug Buenz, Pleasanton California Real Estate Agent with the 680 Group at Ventures Sotheby’s, and this is my market update for February 23rd for the Pleasanton Real Estate market.

00:16 : Wow! Market’s hopping, market conditions are strong right now. There’s 36 new listings in Pleasanton for month to date here in February and that’s a 20% over January to the same time period.

00:35: There’s a  nice little dose of new listings here. Amazingly, only 41 single family homes on the market right now in Pleasanton-  which is insane!

00:46: I remember markets where we had over 300 single family homes for sale. So inventory remains constrained and that means there is pressure on buyers right now.

00:57: There are 26 properties single family homes pending right now. And that’s up 44% from last month for the same time period. As you can see buyers are out there and they’re buying properties. So the market remains active.

01:12: The average price per square foot for month to date is $491 a square foot. So that’s up slightly from last month.

01:23: The average days on market for February to date is 24 and that’s down 44% from last month at the same time. So all the market conditions are pointing towards a strong early spring.

01:40: The median home price in Pleasanton for a single family home is $1, 013, 000. Just over a million-  we’ve been kinda bouncing up and down over the million mark last year.

01:52: The market remains active, the market remains strong. If you’re thinking of selling, it’s a great time right now because there’s not much a competition. And if you’re thinking of buying, take advantage of it. The market’s hot. And hopefully, we can help you.

02:06: As always if we can help you or someone you know with your real estate needs -call us today. We’re Pleasanton Real California REALTORS®  and we’re here to help. My phone number 925-463-2000. Visit my website – for more information.

02:27: A shout out to Bill Hangman, he’s watching us live. WOOT WOOT! Bill. SO thanks for watching and we’ll keep you up to date.