Mohr Park and Charter Oaks Pleasanton Market Update May 2015

Mohr Park & Charter Oaks Pleasanton Market Update May 2015

One home is available for sale in the Mohr Park and Charter Oaks neighborhood of Pleasanton, with an additional three pending sale.  Activity has picked up here over what it had been for over a year.  Four sales closed in the past six months, compared to one in both of the six month periods before that.

The one active listing is on Kamp Drive and is listed for $819,000 or $469 per square foot.  It has been listed since May 19.

The three pending sales are also on Kamp Drive.  They have been on the market for an average of 17 days.  The average list price is $1,089,000 and the price per square foot is $469.

The four closed sales in the past six months had sales prices that were about 101% of the list price, on average.  They were sold for an average of $1,124,333, which is $463 per square foot.  These homes were listed for an average of only seven days.

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Located East of Santa Rita Road off Mohr Ave, Mohr Park Estates and Charter Oaks are upscale homes with generous floor plans and luxury amenities.  Both neighborhoods are close to award winning Mohr Elementary School, and centrally located with good access to freeways, BART, downtown Pleasanton, parks, and shopping.  There are also walking trails nearby that run along the quarries.