Danville CA Real Estate Market Update Video March 2017

Strong market activity in Danville for February with 42 new listings and 43 pending sales.  The market is picking up momentum.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF87cQk6ics&w=560&h=315]

0:00: Hey everybody, Its Doug Buenz your Danville CA Real estate specialist with 680 group at Venture Sotheby’s in 680homes.com. This is the Danville California market update for March 7,2017.

0:17: Wow! Market’s hoppin’! Thru the end of February, there were 42 new listings in Danville- that’s down 4.5% percent from January and there were 43 pending sales which is up a whopping 72% from January so strong market activity in Danville as we enter the spring.

0:41: As of today, there’s 50 houses on the market so still a constrained inventory market. Stop me if you’ve heard that before.

0:48: The average price per sq ft for the closed sales in February in Danville was $487 a sq ft. that’s up by 9.4% from last month. Nice indicator strength there.

1:03: The average days on the market for sales in February in Danville was 34 days on the market, that’s down by 26% from the closed sales in January. Another indicator that the market’s picking up some momentum.

1:18: The average sales price to list price ratio is 98% which is up 2%. For homes that closed on February they sold on an average of 98% at the asking price which is up from from 96% in January. Another indicator that the market’s picking up some strength.

1:36: The median home price is  a $1, 000, 190. Danville remains a fairly expensive community and certainly very desirable and thats up 1% for the median price in January.

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