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To Pool, or Not To Pool

Swimming pools are a thing of luxury, a thing to show off to the neighbors and make you a more valid solution to host the summer party but are they a sound investment for your home?

So the questions becomes, to pool or not to pool?

To Pool!

Judge Thy Neighbor – Even if you have the finances to have a pool installed you should still consider what is around your home. If you live in a more expensive or upscale neighborhood where pools are common then it’s probably a great decision. In fact, if you live in a neighborhood where pools are more common than not then you probably should seriously considering adding a pool as not having one will be unattractive to prospective buyers.

Will it Fit? – Can your yard actually handle a decent-sized in ground pool or will it eat up all your space? Installing a tiny pool for the sake of just having a pool is rarely a good move, especially in a residential setting where the pool will likely be a source of entertainment. If you have a large yard and installing a nicely-sized pool will still leave you with a beautiful lawn and room for landscaping then it will add value.

Resell Value – If you plan on selling the home soon or before 10 years or so then you’ll probably be able to recoup more costs from having it installed. Chances are a pool is a better bet for homeowners that know they will want to sell in 5 or 10 years, but will have a few years of personal enjoyment prior.

This is only the surface of answering the illustrious question, but important ones to factor.

Not To Pool!

Here are the factors to consider when you are leaning to a garden instead of a pool.

More Dry Time than Wet – If your pool is going to have more downtime than usable time it’s probably going to feel like waste of money. Unless you have the funds to have an indoor pool you should probably avoid a pool if you’ll only be able to use it a few months out of the year.

When Are You Moving? – Homeowners planning on selling in under 5 years probably will end up feeling like they barely got any money back from the pool as they didn’t even get to enjoy it for themselves. On the other hand, if you are a homeowner that loves your home and knows you probably won’t sell for 15 or 20 years then the future costs of resurfacing means you won’t be getting much of an investment from a pool.

Your Home is a Family Home – If your home is going to be an attractive choice for families with young children then a pool can actually be a hindrance due to safety risks. If your neighborhood is one with a lot of new families or your yard has a playground that is aimed at kids under 10 or 12, think about how pools could be more of a headache than a bonus for prospective buyers.

A Pool Will Significantly Affect Your Finances – Upkeep aside, if building a pool is going to leave you penniless it really isn’t a good move and shouldn’t be put off until the future. By waiting and saving up funds or considering a loan you could not only get a pool for also have the budget to landscape, build a deck, install a grassy area and more to make the backyard appealing on multiple levels.


At the end of the day you need to take into consideration if a pool will generate more happiness or more headaches. This is your ultimate litmus test to whether the neighborhood kids will be spending the summer at your house



American Flag Etiquette

Memorial Day is next Monday! As an important symbol of our country, everybody should understand the significance of flying the flag. On Memorial Day fly the flag at half-mast, a position reserved for when the country is in mourning, until noon, before raising it to full mast for the remainder of the Day.

Here is the full list of the proper way to fly the American Flag:

  • The custom is to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on flagstaffs in the open, but it may be displayed at night upon special occasions to produce a patriotic effect.
  • When the flag is hung vertically on a wall, window, or door, the Union (blue section) should be to the observer’s left. When the flag is hung either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the Union should be to the observer’s left.
  • The flag should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously.
  • The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement.
  • The flag should be displayed at every public institution and in or near every polling place on election days, and at schoolhouses during school days.
  • In a procession, the American flag should be to the right of any other flag or, if in a line of other flags, in front of the center of that line.
  • The flag should not be displayed on a float except from a staff, nor draped over the hood, top, sides, or back of a vehicle.
  • When the flag is displayed on a vehicle, the staff should be fixed firmly to the chassis.
  • No other flag should be placed above the American flag or, if they are to be placed on the same level, to the right of the American flag.
  • The United Nations flag may not be displayed above or in a position of superior prominence to the United States flag except at United Nations Headquarters.
  • The flag, when displayed with another against a wall—both from crossed staffs—should be on the right (the flag’s own right), and its staff should be in front of the other staff.
  • The American flag should be at the center and the highest point when displayed with a group of state flags.
  • When flags of states, cities, etc., are flown on the same halyard, the American flag should be at the peak.
  • When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height, and the American flag should be hoisted first and lowered last.
  • When displayed from a staff projecting from a building, the union should be at the peak of the staff.
  • When the flag is displayed otherwise than by being flown from a staff, it should be displayed flat, whether indoors or out; or so suspended that its folds fall as freely as though the flag were staffed.
  • When displayed over a street, the flag should be suspended vertically with the union to the north in an east and west street, or to the east in a north and south street.
  • On a platform, the flag should be above and behind the speaker, with the union uppermost and to the observer’s left.
  • When displayed from a staff in a church or auditorium, the flag should occupy the position of honor and be placed at the speaker’s right as he faces the audience.
  • When flown at half-staff, the flag should be first hoisted to the peak for an instant and then lowered to half-staff position. It should again be raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day. Half-staff is one-half the distance between the top and bottom of the staff. The flag must be flown at half-staff on all buildings on the death of any officer listed below, for the period indicated:
    • For the President or a former President:30 days from the date of death.
    • For the Vice President, the Chief Justice or a retired Chief Justice of the United States, or the Speaker of the House of Representatives:10 days from the day of death.
    • For an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, a member of the Cabinet, a former Vice President, the President pro tempore of the Senate, the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives:From the day of death until interment.
    • For a United States Senator, Representative, Delegate, or the Resident Commissioner from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico:the flag should be flown in the metropolitan area of the District of Columbia, on the day of death and on the following day; in the state, congressional district, territory, or commonwealth of such Senator, Representative, Delegate, or Commissioner, from the day of death until interment.
    • For a Governor:Within the state, territory, or possession, from the day of death until interment.
  • When the flag is used to cover a casket, the union should be at the head and over the left shoulder.

Choosing the Right Realtor

Experts agree that you should interview at least three agents to find the one with the experience, skill and personality that matches your needs. Choose from a variety of candidates including personal references, researched and close connections and treat every candidate the same.

Check Credentials

Check for license and disciplinary actions. Check with your state’s regulatory body to find out whether a prospective agent is licensed and if there have been any disciplinary actions or complaints.

While Online…

In todays digital landscape, your agent should be easy to find online. Check to see exactly where they are online and how they present themselves. Do they talk only about themselves and their accolades or do they appear to have community involvement? Do they stay away from divisive topics? There is nothing wrong with cross checking their professional profiles with their personal ones and look for red flags.


By all purposes you are conducting a job interview and should feel comfortable asking the tough questions. Be on the look out for red flags that lie below the surface. Are the answers mechanical or are they seemingly answering from the heart?

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • How long have you been selling real estate?
  • What is your average number of clients?
  • What area do you cover?
  • What type of communication should I expect from you?
  • Do you have a recommended vendors list (Title, contractors, inspectors, etc.)?
  • What questions do you have for me?


Get listing presentations from potential realtors, who will tell you what comparable homes have sold for and how long they take to sell. The agents are all looking at the same data, so the suggested listing price should be close. Pricing a home too high at the start often means it takes longer to sell and ultimately sells for less.

Full Time or Part Time?

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you want to choose an agent who is actively following the market every day. If you’re buying, you want an agent who can jump on new listings and show them to you immediately. If you’re the seller, you want an agent who is always available to show your home to prospective buyers.

Trust Your Gut

At the end of the day you need to listen to your inner voice. Pay closer attention to the voice that is throwing up red flags and don’t be afraid to walk away no matter what stage of the process you are in. If you aren’t having your needs met or there is a concern from the beginning then this just isn’t the agent for you.





Pleasanton CA Homes for Sale and Real Estate Market Update March 21, 2018

Pleasanton CA Homes for Sale and Real Estate Market Update March 21, 2018


The Pleasanton real estate market remains hot!  Inventory remains tight, and demand is strong.  Overall we have seen an increase in inventory this month, but pending sales are up as well.  The net result is there are 38 available homes for sale in Pleasanton as of today, which is down from 40 last moth to date.  So more homes have hit the market, and more homes have sold.  In fact, we have 45 pending sales in Pleasanton so far this month, which is up 55% from the same period in February.  So we are entering the Spring market with a frenzy of activity in most price ranges.

See the attached chart for details, which compares this month to date with the same period in February overall and by different price brackets.  For overall activity (all price ranges), we see inventory and new listings relatively unchanged, but a big jump in pending sales (up 55%).  Sold homes is up 107% so far from February.  The average days on market for sold homes is 13, which is up from February as a result of several sales in the $2 million plus market, which traditionally sees longer market times.  The sales price to list price ration overall is 106% for sold properties, meaning that on average homes sold for 6% over their asking price.  Another indication that the market is very strong.  Here are some other interesting data points from the 3 price brackets:

Under $1 Million:  Only 5 homes currently for sale.  6 days on the market on average for sold homes.  Homes sold for 107% of list price on average.  Average price per sq ft is $607.  This market segment is on fire, and as the market moves up there are fewer and fewer options for buyers under $1 million

$1 Million to $2 Million bracket:  11 available homes for sale, which is down 42% from the same period in February.  New listings are also down 43%, with 17 new listings month to date.  Pending sales are up slightly (26), and sold homes are double the same period last month (22).  The average price per sq ft for closed sales is $574, and the average sales price to list price ratio is 104%, which is up 3% from the same period in February.  This market segment remains very robust.

$2 Million plus bracket: This price segment saw the biggest jump in activity.  Available home for sale is 22 right now, up 37% from the same period in February.  There are 12 new listings, which is up 200% from last month.  And we had 8 pending sales, a whopping 700% increase from last month at this time.  There are 3 closed sales, versus none last month at this time.  The average days on market is 62 for closed sales, which again illustrates that this segment takes a bit longer to sell.  The average price per sq ft for closed sales this month is $479.

The Spring market is on!  Happy Hunting!

Video Transcript

Hi everybody. It’s Doug Buenz with the 680 Group at Venture Sotheby’s here in Pleasanton. I wanted to give you a quick update on the Pleasanton market, and spring has sprung. The market is at a frenzied pace in most cases. If we take a look at this month, March, compared to last month, February, at this time, we have some interesting stats.

                        Just to give you an idea, there are 38 homes for sale right now in Pleasanton. That’s still an insanely low number by historical standards. New listings, there’s 43 so far this month, and pending sales, there’s 45. So, the new inventory’s getting absorbed and then some. The sold homes, we’ve closed 29 homes so far this month overall in Pleasanton. That’s up 107% from last month at this time. The average days on market overall is 13. The average price per square foot is $579, so that’s down insignificantly.

                        The average sales price to list price ratio is 106%, and that’s up about 2%. We’re seeing multiple offers in most cases. If you look at the three price brackets, under a million is on fire. There are only five homes, FIVE HOMES for sale right now in Pleasanton under a million dollars. There were 14 new listings this month and 11 pending sales. 11 pending sales is up 83% from last month, so a constrained inventory market to be sure.

                        We’re seeing the average price per square foot at $605 a square foot, and the sales price to list price ratio for homes under a million is 107%. That’s up 2% from February at this time. If we look at the $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 bracket, a little higher price, we’re seeing new available homes at 11. That’s down 40% from last month at this time. There are 17 new listings so far this month. That’s down 43%, so a little less inventory in that price bracket.

                        There are 26 pending sales. That’s up about 20%, and there are 22 closed sales this month in that price bracket, $1,000,000 to $2,000,000. That’s up. That’s double what it was in February. The average days on market for the sold properties is 5, five days on market between a $1,000,000 to $2,000,000. Man, that’s a smoking-hot price segment. That’s down almost 70% from last month.

                        The average price per square foot in that bracket is $574. That’s up about 3%. The average sales price to list price ratio on sold homes is 104%. Again, multiple offer market, so that market segment is doing great. The $2,000,000+ market is showing some sign of life as well. There are 22 homes for sale right now in Pleasanton over two million dollars. That’s up 37% from last month.

                        New listings in the $2,000,000+ market are  12, so there are 12 new listings in Pleasanton this month. That’s up 200% from last month, so it’s double. Pending sales, there are eight pending sales in that price bracket. That’s up a whopping 700% from last month, so a lot of activity in that two million plus. Even the $3,000,000 plus, we’ve seen a couple sales this week, so the upper end is showing signs of life. We’re getting lots of Peninsula and South Bay buyers moving into that price segment.

                        There are three homes that closed this month over $2,000,000. The average days on market for those is 62, a little longer days on market for the higher-priced inventory. The price per square foot on average was $479, a little lower price per square foot in the upper reaches. The sales price to list price ratio is 96%, so didn’t quite hit asking price.

                        That’s what’s going on in the market right now. Spring is here. Inventory is continuing to hit the market, which is good news for buyers. Get ready. Get pre-approved. Work with a great agent. If we can help you at all, please give us a call. Doug Buenz and The 680 Group, (925) 621-0680, or visit our website, We’d love to help you.



Easter Extravaganza’s in the East Bay!

The “hopping season” is upon us and our local area has a ton to offer for the little’s and their desire to find brightly colored eggs!


Saturday, March 31st from 830-1130am!

Join the 7th annual Egg Hunt and Pancake Breakfast at YMCA Camp Arroyo in Livermore.

The whole family is invited to join us for a delicious breakfast, and egg hunts are for kids 9 and under beginning at 9am and happen every 30 minutes after. Breakfast will be served for all ages until 11:15am.

The cost is $25 per family, regardless of number of members and includes food and egg hunts.

No advance RSVP is required and tickets are only sold at the door.

Camp Arroyo is located at 5535 Arroyo Road, Livermore CA 94550


Spring Eggstravaganza

Saturday, March 31, 2018 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Enjoy springtime fun at the Eggstravaganza featuring:

Egg Hunts at 8:30 a.m.; 10:00 a.m.; 11:30 a.m., Photos with Peter Rabbit and Flopsy, Arts and Crafts, Games, Bounce Houses, Entertainment, Face Painting

Children must be pre-registered to participate.  (Parents and grandparents are free.)  Onsite registration is not available.  Space is limited for each session. Please register early to guarantee your preferred time.
Dublin Residents $14 per child~Non-Residents $17 per child

Emerald Glen Park
4201 Central Parkway


Eggstravaganza March 31, 2018, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Hop down to the Danville Community Center for a fun-filled morning of egg hunts, arts and crafts, face painting, and more. The egg hunts and activities are by registration only (non-residents may register) with timed egg hunts by age. The City of Danville hosts this well-organized and lively holiday celebration.

Rain or shine, no refunds. In case of rain event will be moved to the Community Center.

Age 1 years 9:15 & 11:30 a.m.
Age 2 years 9:30 a.m. & 12 p.m.
Age 3 years 9:45 a.m. & 12:15 p.m.
Age 4 years 10 a.m. & 12:30 p.m.
Age 5 years 10:15 a.m. & 12:45 p.m.
Age 6-9 years 10:30 a.m. & 1 p.m.

Additional parking: 177 Front Street, Village Theatre Parking and street parking.
(925) 314-3400
$6-8, ages 1-9 years, | go online and register. There may be waiting lists due to popularity

Danville Community Center & Town Green
420 Front Street
Danville, CA


Bunny Hop Scavenger Hunt

Date: March 31, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Location: Downtown Pleasanton

Explore downtown with the fourth annual Bunny Hop Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 31st from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Children 10 years and younger are invited to participate. Start your journey outside of the Museum on Main at 603 Main Street anytime between 10am and noon.* Children will receive a goody bag and adults will receive a list of clues and locations to lead them to goodies throughout downtown at over a dozen participating businesses. Parents will be given the answers to all of the clues to help children find the treat locations. There will be goodies and special offers for the adults as well.




Real Estate in Pleasanton CA

Client Review for Doug Buenz & The 680 Group Pleasanton CA Realtor

Client Review for Doug Buenz & The 680 Group Pleasanton CA Realtor

February 2018 – Review of Doug Buenz & The 680 Group, a top local realtor in the East Bay and Pleasanton, CA

Hi my name is Harpreet Dhillon and I am a physician in Fremont, California but I live in Pleasanton.  I recently had to sell my house in Pleasanton because I was going to accept a new job and I needed to live closer to my work.  So I hired Doug to be my Real Estate Agent and I can tell you that I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  Doug did a great job.  He is a true professional, he really knows his craft, and his forte is the art of negotiations and deal making.  I highly, highly encourage you to hire Doug as your realtor.  You will be very happy.  Thank you.

Real Estate Market Update Video – Pleasanton and San Ramon – January 2018

Real Estate Market Update Video for Pleasanton CA & San Ramon CA, January 23, 2018

Hi everybody, it’s Doug Buenz with The 680 Group at Venture Sotheby’s Real Estate. I wanted to do a quick market update. We’re now at January 23rd, and I just wanted to give you a little bit of the pulse of the market right now. We’re seeing new listings hit the market in the Pleasanton CA real estate market. There were 27 new listings this month to date. That’s up 145% versus last month. In the San Ramon CA real estate market there’s 23 new listings so far this month, which is up 53%. So, we’re starting to see inventory hit the market.

News bulletin for you buyers: Get ready, because I think we’re going to see some great opportunities in the market to purchase. Pending activity is strong, even in the upper end, so far this month, which is great news. Days on market is down this month for sold properties, so the market remains very hot with a lot of demand. So, just be aware of that as a buyer. The average days on market in Pleasanton CA homes for sale this month for sold properties is 15. That’s down 32%.

San Ramon CA homes for sale averages 12 days on market for sold properties, which is down 7%. The outlook is continued strong demand. There’s no getting around it. People need a place to live, and people are coming to this area in search of good schools and good housing values. We do think we’ll see more inventory here as we get towards the Spring, especially with some of the tax law changes, etc. Buyers, so far, seem to be a little bit more cautious than normal, but we’ll see how things roll out given all the changes. The market is good.

Real estate is great. If you need any help with buy or selling, please give us a call at 925-463-2000, and if you like this content and like this video, please do share with your friends. If you have any comments, please comment. Thanks so much for watching. Doug Buenz, The 680 Group at Venture Sotheby’s in Pleasanton, California.

Homes for Sale in Pleasanton

Ten Essential Questions to Ask Your Realtor® in Listing Your Home

About to hire a Realtor®? Read this first.


Putting your most significant investment for sale can be a daunting experience. It can be confusing and scary, especially for first-time home sellers. It’s a good thing there are many professionals you can turn to for help.


There are many advantages to hiring a Realtor® in selling your Pleasanton home.


A Realtor® guides, assists, and takes the heavy load off your shoulder. He or she can make the home-selling process a smooth journey. You can also get a better deal in selling your Pleasanton home with the help of a competent Realtor®.


He or she is also the best person to turn to when you have any listing questions, which I am sure you’ll have many along the process. Asking questions will help you better understand the process, so you’ll know what to do on your second rodeo.


To know who to hire, here are 10 essential questions you should ask any Realtor® you interview.


1. How much is my home worth? The first thing you want to learn from the agent is how much he valuated your home for. The answer to this question is essential because it will become your home’s listing price. We all know how important it is to get the listing price right. If your home is overpriced, you will have a hard time selling it.


2. How did you come up with my list price? A great follow up question to the first one is an explanation of how the agent came up with the value. Agents have different tools at their disposal.


The agents should explain and give you a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) which contains a list of comparable homes in your area. From the get-go, it should be clear to you how your home was valued.


3. Is it the best time to sell my home? The agent’s market knowledge should tell him or her if it is an excellent time to sell your home. As the seller, knowing what kind of market is currently prevailing in your area is helpful.


If it is a seller’s market, you should know that you can increase the price of your home for up to 10% and know it will still sell because there is a scarcity of homes for sale. If it happened to be a buyer’s market, you should drop your home price, because there are more homes for sale than buyers.


4. How do you plan to market my home? It is your right as the home seller to know how the agent plans to market your home. You want an agent who has a good solid plan. He or she should use the different marketing techniques available to get your listing to a larger audience.


Pleasanton CA Homes


A great follow up question to this is if the agent uses social media as a marketing tool. Most home buyers first check online, so getting your home listed online can help buyers find your home.


5. What should I do to sell my home successfully? You want an agent who willingly provides helpful suggestions so you can sell your home successfully.


6. Should I stage my home or sell it empty? You want to get the top dollar for your home, so having an agent who can help you get a better deal for your pocket is preferable. 


7. Do I need an open house? An open house is a hot topic among agents and Realtors®. You want someone who can explain why you need an open house.


8. Do I need a home inspection? Most agents will recommend a home inspection. It helps you know if there are areas or spots in your home that should be repaired so you can sell your home at an optimum price.


9. What are seller’s closing costs? Ask your Realtor® what the closings costs are so you can know how much to prepare at the closing.


10. How will you keep me informed? Communication is essential when you are selling a home. You want to be updated on how your home is being marketed, of buyers interested in your home, of any concerns that may arise during the selling process. This is a topic that should be clearly established so that there will be no bad feelings at the end of the deal.


Be a proactive seller. Ask questions. The Realtor®’s reaction and explanations should help you understand the selling process better. More importantly, it should tell you how the Realtor® reacts when faced with challenges.


Do you have any other questions? Call me, Doug Buenz at (925)621-0680.  Let me help you get the best deal for your home.



In case you cannot view this video here, please click the link below to view Ten Essential Questions to Ask Your Realtor® in 

listing Your Home on my YouTube channel:

Homes for Sale in Pleasanton CA

Choosing the Right Agent to Sell Your Property

The good vs the great

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when you put your Pleasanton home up for sale is choosing the right agent to help you in the selling process. There are so many listing agents, it can be confusing to know which one to choose.

I understand.

It can be challenging especially for first time sellers to know who to hire. Your home is your biggest investment and you would want to work with someone who is not just good but great.

Some common mistakes to avoid

A common mistake I see among sellers is hiring the first and only listing agent they meet. This is unwise because there are  many good agents but you are looking for the best one. During the process of home buying, you want to have options so that you have a basis of comparison.

Another mistake I see is hiring the agent with the highest listing price. Most likely, that agent increased your home’s value so you will hire him, but it does not mean that he/she can sell your home quickly and at the right market value, which is more important.

The right agent can make all the difference in how quickly and efficiently you can sell your home. He/She can help you decide on the right top dollar price for your home to sell fast in the market.

It takes some legwork but when you found the right agent or REALTOR®, but  finding the right agent is worth it.

How do you choose the right agent to sell your property?

Here’s how you can select the best agent for your Pleasanton home for sale.

  1. Ask for recommendations from coworkers, friends, neighbors, and anyone who has previously sold homes or properties in the Pleasanton area.

This way, you get a first hand accounting of their experience working with various agents.  From the recommendations, you can create a shortlist of at best three names.

2. Fact-check on the internet. Search for the names on your short list and see what the internet has to say about them.

Great agents are visible online, and they often have websites where possible clients can view their work and listings. You can also find feedback and reviews on the internet about the listing agents.

3. Set up an interview with the names on your short list.

A casual interview with a great agent should answer your questions, pacify your concerns, assure you that you are working with a licensed professional, and let you have a general idea of how your home for sale in Pleasanton will be marketed.

Among the questions you should be asking are the following:

  • Do you work full-time or part-time?
  • How long has he/she been in real estate?
  • How long has he/she been selling homes in your area?
  • Has he/she successfully sold homes similar to yours?
  • What is his/her success rate?
  • How will he/she market your home?
  • How much does his/her service cost?

4. Ask for references. This time, you are asking for names of former clients, people he/she has helped sell a home for, or people he/she has worked with. Doing this will help you get a better idea of his/her work ethics.

5. Decide based on  the agent’s performance and your level of comfort to work with him/her. You will work best with an agent you are most comfortable with.

Choosing the right Pleasanton REALTOR® to work with is not a walk in the park, but when you get the right one, like me,  your real estate journey will be great and stress-free. Get to know more about me at

Are you selling your home? Call me, Doug Buenz, at (925) 621-0680. Let me help make your home selling journey a pleasant one.

In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view Choosing the Right Agent to Sell Your Property on my YouTube channel:

Pleasanton CA Homes for Sale

SOLD! 835 Fairway Ln Pleasanton, CA 94566

This house has it all: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms located on a prime, half acre lot in Castlewood Country Club with a stunning, panoramic view; gorgeous, turnkey aesthetic that blends traditional architectural design and contemporary, neutral interior; sprawling master suite with fireplace, deck and recently updated adjoining bath (Travertine, dual vanity granite counter, soaking tub, walk-in closet); large, eat-in gourmet kitchen features high-end, stainless steel appliances, center island with gas cook top, granite counter tops and loads of storage; separate dining room, living room, family room, office and laundry on main floor; 3-car garage with workbench, storage cabinets and golf cart; large deck and room for a pool; quiet, private location is just minutes from freeways, schools and shops. 


This home is in such a beautiful location in the Castlewood Neighborhood. It sits on a large lot with fantastic views, and nice privacy. If you want beauty and serenity , yet close to freeway and downtown, this is your spot.

SOLD! 835 Fairway Ln Pleasanton, CA 94566
Market Stats
IDX Search
Single Family Home
Main Features
4 Bedrooms
3 Full Bathrooms
Lot: 0.59 acre(s)
Year Built: 1989
MLS #: 40770892
835 Fairway Ln
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Doug BuenzDoug Buenz

Venture | Sotheby’s International Realty
(925) 621-0680
[email protected]

       Listed by: Doug Buenz

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