Buying Homes for Sale in Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley Area In Today’s Market

Buying Homes for Sale in Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley Area In Today’s Market

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If you are in the market to buy a home for sale in Pleasanton CA or in the Tri-Valley area, you are no doubt aware that you have company.  The market has shifted to a full blown seller’s market for most price ranges. The combination of  record low interest rates, lower prices, and an improving economy have combined to add strong demand to a market already constrained by low inventory.

The reality of current market conditions has complicated the process of securing a home.  Aggressive buyers are overbidding for Tri-Valley area and Pleasanton homes for sale in many of the local markets, and the increase in competition makes it imperative that buyers have a sound strategy for dealing with competition from other buyers.

Competing in a Multiple Offer Environment

There are many unique factors that buyers must consider in a over-heated seller’s market, including:

  • What is a reasonable range of value for this property?
  • How many other offers does the seller have or expect?
  • What are the issues that may arise from the appraisal should it come in below the sales price?
  • What can we do to increase our chances of getting our offer accepted other than raise the offering price?
  • What is the best way to deal with inspection issues that may arise?
  • What are your financial constraints?
  • What is your comfort level with the property and what it might take to secure it?

Experience Matters

Resources OverviewWith these critical factors facing buyers in today’s market, there is no substitute for experience. Doug and The 680 Group have the qualifications, experience, skills, and track record to navigate this shifting market and position you to successfully secure the home at the best possible price, even in multiple offer situations.   They have an unmatched track record of success in getting their offer accepted in multiple offer situations.  And Doug, top real estate agent in Pleasanton CA and the Tri-Valley area, is an experienced and skilled negotiator, giving you the edge you need to win in this market. In short, with Doug and The 680 Group, you will have the advantage you need in this competitive market.

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