Blackhawk CA Real Estate Market Update Video Jan 23, 2017

Blackhawk CA Real Estate Market Update Video Jan 23, 2017

The Blackhawk Real Estate market is seeing an increase in inventory this month, great news for buyers.



Hi everybody!  I’m Doug Buenz with the 680 Group at Ventures Sotheby’s Realty.

I’m here today with your Blackhawk California real estate market update for  January 2017.

Blackhawk market is seeing inventory and that is good news for you buyers out there.

00:19 : There are 7 new listings this month today as compared to last month to date. This is a  75% increase and of course, that’s not surprising giving last month was December and people were out buying pokemon and toys, so no problem there.

00:35  Pending sales: there are 3 today. That is down to 66% from last month but again that’s not terribly significant because we’re seeing new inventory which will lead to more sales.

00:49  The average price for square foot in Blackhawk this month to date for sold properties is $449 a square foot.  That is down slightly from December but not significantly, its only down by 1.4%.

The average days on market for closed properties in January is 40 days on the market.  That is down 53% from last month. That is an indication that buyers are snapping up some of these homes at a  faster rate that they were last month.

01:20 The average sales price to list price is 94% and that’s up slightly from December but gives an indication to the seller of a little bit of a price increase. Buyers are coming in about 6% under the asking price, on average,  for those sold properties.

01:40 The median price for Blackhawk is $ 1,340,000 million and that is down 32% from December.  So far closed sales up to January: the median price of $1.3million is down, quite a bit from  December but again it is a  relatively small community and that number can bounce around a little bit depending on how many sales there are.

02:07 This is the latest market report from Blackhawk this month.

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This is Doug Buenz from the 680 group. Thanks for watching.