4 Things to Do before Settling in Your New Pleasanton Home

4 Things to Do before Settling in Your New Pleasanton Home


Settling into your new home is a big adjustment for you and your family. Even though it seems like all the hard work of finding the right one among the Pleasanton homes for sale is behind you, you still need to do careful planning so that you can have a smooth move-in. Here are some tips to help you settle into your new home as quickly  and seamlessly as possible.

Here's how you can settle into your new Pleasanton home for sale smoothly.

1. Inform others about your new address

Make sure to spread the word when you move into your new home in Pleasanton CA. Remember to file change of address forms with the post office so that your mail will be sent to your new address. It is better if you will do this before you move so that you will not miss any important mail or bills that have to be settled. You also need to update your address in your driver’s license, voter registration, and credit cards. If you shop online, you also have to update your address at your favorite websites.

2. Make your new home pest-proof

If you are already in your new place a day before the moving van is scheduled to arrive, you can use that  time to make sure that you are not sharing your new home with pests. You could set off a bug bomb or have the exterminator come and spray. It will be more difficult to locate and get rid of any critter once all your stuff arrives. Doing this a day earlier will also prevent your children and pets from getting exposed to harmful chemicals during the spraying.

3. Review HOA rules

You might have already done this before you purchased your home, but it pays to refresh your memory especially now that your are about to settle in your new house. Homeowner associations sometimes strict guidelines on what changes you can and cannot make to the property. Reviewing the HOA rules will help you avoid fines. If your community has trash or recycling pick-up, you also have to know the schedule of these services.

Make sure to secure your important documents after moving to your new home for sale in Pleasanton.

4. Secure important documents

Most of the time, many things get misplaced or lost during a move. Moving van documents and important Pleasanton real estate for sale papers can be easily mistaken for trash in the midst of all the boxes. It is better if you will secure these documents in advance. Your closing documents contain the mortgage and costs and ownership of the house. You also have to secure all warranties and instructions for the new appliances and system in your home. This will help you know how to operate them properly and who to call for service when need the arises.

Getting a new place and being finally able to move in is really an exciting time. Follow these tips so that you can be more prepared as you settle in your new home.

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